Mag­netic Au­to­con­trol: Spe­cial­ists in Vehicle & Pedes­trian Ac­cess Con­trol


Mag­netic Au­to­con­trol, a busi­ness unit of the FAAC Group, op­er­ates in the ev­er­grow­ing mar­ket of pedes­trian and vehicle ac­cess con­trol. Head­quar­tered in Schopfheim in the south­ern Black For­est, Ger­many, with sub­sidiaries in SA, Aus­tralia, Malaysia, Brazil, and ndia, the com­pany is known for the high qual­ity, re­li­a­bil­ity, se­cu­rity, and long ser­vice life of its prod­ucts.

With an ex­per­tise in con­trol technology, the com­pany’ s fo­cus is on user safety – with low forces and sen­si­tive im­pact de­tec­tion. ts prod­uct range in­cludes vehicle bar­ri­ers, pedes­trian bar­ri­ers, turn­stiles and im­mi­gra­tion and board­ing gates. Mag­netic’ s Pedes­trian High Doors and MPB- Turn­stile with bi­cy­cle gates have the fol­low­ing fea­tures:

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High sep­a­ra­tion re­li­a­bil­ity with rapid pas­sage of per­sons

Com­fort­able non-con­tact pas­sage Sim­ple in­te­gra­tion of all com­mon ac­cess con­trol sys­tems

Au­to­matic open­ing if power fails Wide vari­ants suit­able for wheel­chairs, prams, bi­cy­cles, and ma­te­rial transport

De­signed for 10 mil­lion open­ing and clos­ing ac­tions

The MHTM™ drive unit en­sures en­ergy-eႈcient main­te­nance-Iree and quiet op­er­a­tion

ow cost of own­er­ship

Meets global stan­dards reg­u­la­tions

urn­stile ith icy cle ate

Si­mul­ta­ne­ous ac­cess for bike and rider

Sen­si­tive con­tact max­i­mum safety

Max­i­mum com­fort through adap­tive ro­tary speed

Bi­cy­cle de­tec­tion via in­duc­tion loop

ow power con­sump­tion due to main­te­nance-free and en­er­gyeႈcient M+7MŒ drive op­tion­ally avail­able for the turn­stile)

De­signed for 10 mil­lion open­ing and clos­ing ac­tions

Ro­bust de­sign and well-thought-out de­tails

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For fur­ther de­tails, please con­tact:

Tel: 91 44 42 12 17 97

Email: info@mag­netic-in­ Web­site: www.mag­netic-ac­

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