Lay­her All­round TG 60 – The Ideal Shoring Sys­tem

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ay­her Group pro­duces high­Tual­ity scaf­fold­ing sys­tems in Ger­many which are be­ing used by in­dus­tries like con­struc­tion, chem­i­cal plants, power plants, at ship­yards and off­shore. 7he com­pany has world­wide pres­ence with over sales sub­sidiaries.

ore os­sib il­i­ties ay her rod­ucts and erv ices

ay­her’ s prod­uct char­ac­ter­is­tics and ser­vices help cus­tomers to achieve long-term suc­cess and in­crease the prof­i­taEil­ity oI their com­pa­nies. 7he /ay­her All­round 6caf­fold­ing has Eeen es­tab­lished as a syn­onym for mod­u­lar scaf­folds on the mar­ket and of­fers un­sur­passed ver­sa­til­ity to be used in var­ied ap­pli­ca­tion ar­eas.

ay her ll­round shoring

, (The False work frame – even more pos­siEil­i­ties in All­round 6caf­fold­ing - All­round scaf­fold­ing uses a sim­ple unique and bolt free con­nec­tion technology. Slid­ing the wedge head over the rosette and in­sert­ing the wedge into the open­ing im­me­di­ately se­cures the com­po­nent. There is still suႈcient play to se­cure the other end of the ledger. A ham­mer blow to the wedge trans­forms the loose con­nec­tion into a su­perbly strong struc­turally rigid one. The face of the wedge head is now pre­cisely po­si­tioned against the stan­dard.

The new ay­her All­round false­work frames have been de­vel­oped as an ex­ten­sion of the All­round 6caf­fold­ing 6ys­tems. :ith three new ad­di­tional parts, we can as­sem­ble false-work tow­ers even faster higher and stur­dier. The shoring frames TG

are avail­able in three sizes: 1.0 x 1.0 9 m, .5 x 1.0 9 m and .71 x 1.0 9 m. The base frame H .71 m is equipped with All­round rosettes at the top and the bot­tom and has no spigot.

The false work frames are made of steel tube of high strength and are stiff­ened with small di­ag­o­nal Eraces. Ev­ery ver­ti­cal stan­dard can be loaded with up to ap­prox. tons. The ends of the welded ledgers and di­ag­o­nal brace are fat­tened. This makes the All­round rosette fully use­able.

To trans­fer pulling force, ev­ery frame is se­cured by lock­ing pins or bolts to each other. n this way the tower can be as­sem­bled on the ground and placed by crane.

The prod­uct in­no­va­tion is as­sem­bled out of the newly de­vel­oped All­round Shoring Frame TG as well as All­round stan­dard parts like ledgers and di­ag­o­nal braces. n this way the ad­van­tages are in­tel­li­gently com­bined: uick assem­bly and dis­man­tling thanks to re­duced num­ber of com­po­nents, light com­po­nent weight, and screw­less wedge lock con­nec­tion tech­nique and op­ti­mum ma­te­rial util­i­sa­tion as a re­sult of vari­able bay lengths. These can be adapted Àe[iEly to the e[ist­ing loads and the grid di­men­sion of the form­work Eeams. 6caf­fold­ing com­pa­nies in­crease assem­bly speed with it due to their day to day ex­pe­ri­ence and more­over of­fer an at­trac­tive Iull pack­age: They im­ple­ment re­quests of the build­ing con­trac­tors nosite with­out any diႈculty with the All­round con­struc­tion kit – whether they are e[act adap­ta­tions to diႈcult build­ing ge­ome­tries, ex­ten­sions like

For the con­struc­tion of a con­tin­u­ous cast­ing sys­tem, the new All­round Shoring TG from ay­her per­mit­ted work at 40 me­tres up, for con­cret­ing a me­tre long bind­ing beam – with a dead weight of 1 tonnes per me­tre.

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