Black Bond Seal Black Con­cen­trated Resin for Mul­ti­ple Ap­pli­ca­tions


Bond Seal In­dia Pvt. Ltd. is meet­ing the de­mand in the con­struc­tion in­dus­try for pro­tec­tion, main­te­nance and restora­tion by of­fer­ing the right so­lu­tions and qual­ity prod­ucts, and in­no­vat­ing for the fu­ture needs of the in­dus­try.

Its flag­ship prod­uct, Black Bond Seal, a jet black thick resin, of­fers high per­for­mance in mul­ti­ple ap­pli­ca­tions. For­mu­lated from aro­matic chem­i­cals, the tried and tested prod­uct is more eco­nom­i­cally priced than other sim­i­lar prod­ucts.

• Low Cost, High Per­for­mance

• Un­af­fected by wa­ter and UV rays

• Weather proof

• Strong and Durable

• Can be eas­ily mixed with wa­ter, sol­vent oils, epoxy and Polyurethance

• Ex­cel­lent Me­chan­i­cal and Chem­i­cal Re­sis­tance

• Ex­cel­lent Ad­he­sive­ness

• Easy to use

Key fea­tures are: With ad­di­tion of pre­scribed wa­ter dose, it can sub­sti­tute dif­fer­ent grades of Bi­tu­men Emul­sion and be used for:

• Tack Seal, Prime Coat, Fog Seal for Road Pave­ment

• Slurry Sur­fac­ing, Mi­cro Sur­fac­ing for Road Pave­ment

• Dust Sup­pres­sant, Soil Sta­bi­liza­tion

• Crack and Pot­hole Re­pair

• Main­te­nance and Pro­tec­tion Coat­ing Bond Seal In­dia is invit­ing na­tional and in­ter­na­tional entrepreneurs to join hands with the com­pany in its Tech­nol­ogy Li­cens­ing pro­gram, which will en­able them to en­ter the pro­tec­tion, main­te­nance and restora­tion busi­ness with­out any fi­nan­cial risk. The pro­gram en­com­passes all as­pects of set­ting up a suc­cess­ful busi­ness from man­u­fac­tur­ing and op­er­a­tions to tech­ni­cal as­sis­tance and sales and mar­ket­ing sup­port.

• In­dus­trial and Dec­o­ra­tive Floor­ing

• Me­chan­i­cal and Chem­i­cal Re­sis­tant Coat­ing

• Pro­tec­tion for Un­der­ground Sys­tems such as Pipe­lines, Tanks, Sewage Sys­tems

• Pro­tec­tion from Mi­cro-or­gan­isms

• Ad­he­sive for Creat­ing Bond be­tween Two Ma­te­ri­als

• Re­ju­ve­na­tor Sealer Fog Seal Coat­ing Road Pave­ment

• Black Shin­ing Color Paint

• Anti-cor­ro­sive Coat­ing for Steel Struc­tures and Bridges

• Anti-car­bon­a­tion Coat­ing Bridges

• Ma­rine and Aero­space Coat­ing

• Wa­ter­proof­ing of Foun­da­tion Walls, Wet Rooms, Tiles, Roofs, Ce­ment Struc­tures, Gyp­sum Boards, Base­ments, Bath­rooms, Swim­ming Pools, Tun­nels

• Joint Fil­ter for Con­struct­ing Roads and Bridges

• Sealant

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With ad­di­tion of Epoxy it can be used for:

With ad­di­tion of Naph­tha, Gaso­line, White Spir­its and other Sol­vents it can be used as:

With ad­di­tion of Polyurethane it be­comes Hy­dropho­bic, Elas­tic, Low Mo­du­lus mem­brane and can be used for:

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