SA­MAY – Mo­bile Diesel Bowser by Me­hta Earth­movers


SA­MAY Mo­bile Diesel Bowser elim­i­nates un­safe and messy bar­rel re­fu­el­ing and fuel dis­tri­bu­tion, en­sures ac­count­abil­ity, and pro­tects against theft and pil­fer­age of diesel.

Me­hta Earth­movers’ man­u­fac­tur­ing unit is out­fit­ted with high-tech and ad­vanced ma­chin­ery, backed by a skilled and ef­fi­cient team for giv­ing the finest prod­ucts of world-class qual­ity. The com­pany’s un­com­pro­mis­ing stance on qual­ity and econ­omy, backed by a ro­bust ser­vice staff, has earned the sup­port and loy­alty of nu­mer­ous cus­tomers.

We fab­ri­cate diesel bowsers from 950 liters upto 20,000 liters, and also as­sist with the CCOE (Chief Con­troller of Ex­plo­sives) ap­proval, wher­ever nec­es­sary. The diesel bowsers are man­u­fac­tured as per the In­dian Petroleum Act of 1934 and the re­vised guide­lines of 2002/2011 with all the safety fea­tures pre­scribed by the Petroleum and Ex­plo­sives Safety Or­ga­ni­za­tion in Nagpur.

We also of­fer diesel bowsers on a rental ba­sis lim­it­ing to a ca­pac­ity of 950 liters and 2400 liters, re­spec­tively. We can fab­ri­cate a com­pletely cus­tom­ized diesel bowser whether Skid Type or Trailer Type, and also for ex­port.

SA­MAY Mo­bile Diesel Bowsers are of­fered with stan­dard high-qual­ity prod­ucts in the dis­pens­ing unit hav­ing an ac­cu­racy of +/-0.1%, thus, en­sur­ing op­ti­mum uti­liza­tion of fuel.

Ben­e­fits in­clude:

● Op­ti­mum use of re­sources that help con­serve fuel and main­tain an ac­cu­rate ac­count of fuel de­liv­ered to dif­fer­ent equip­ments.

● Max­i­miza­tion of per­for­mance by trans­port­ing fuel from stor­age to the place of con­sump­tion, and also from one site to the an­other, thus, min­i­miz­ing wastage of time.

● Flex­i­bil­ity by hav­ing small ca­pac­ity stor­age mov­able tankers to fuel equip­ment that are un­able to march till the stor­age unit.

We are also into fab­ri­ca­tion of Ex­plo­sive Vans, cus­tom­ized main­te­nance / ser­vice/ Lube Vans and Water Tanker with dust, spray and mist sys­tems.

Our fab­ri­ca­tion fa­cil­ity is rec­og­nized and ap­proved by:

● Petroleum and Ex­plo­sives Safety Or­ga­ni­za­tion

● SEC Rail­ways

● Trans­port Com­mis­sioner Govt. of C.G. [ Ch­hat­tis­garh ]




● In­dian Oil Cor­po­ra­tion Limited [ IOCL

● Hin­dus­tan Petroleum Cor­po­ra­tion Limited [ HPCL ]


Tel: +91 22 4321 5658

Mo­bile: +91 81082 75656 / 98332 59412 E-mail: sa­may@mehtaearth­ /


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