De­sign and Construction of Parking Struc­tures


With ur­ban­iza­tion and pop­u­lar­ity of the au­to­mo­bile, parking struc­tures have be­come a ne­ces­sity through­out the world. Over 2000-3000 new au­to­mo­biles are be­ing added per week on the roads for cities such as Mum­bai and Delhi. Parking struc­tures have many at­tributes in com­mon with build­ings but also have unique dif­fer­ences. A unique as­pect of a parking struc­ture is that, in most cases, it must have a ve­hic­u­lar cir­cu­la­tion sys­tem to pro­vide ac­cess from one floor to the next, ne­ces­si­tat­ing slop­ing ramps or he­lices. Fur­ther, un­like res­i­den­tial and com­mer­cial build­ings, the parking struc­tures are open, un­heated and un­dergo vol­ume changes that cause ad­di­tional dis­tress in the fram­ing el­e­ments and af­fect struc­tural abil­ity to with­stand its de­sign loads. This pa­per re­views the state-of-the-art in de­sign of pre­cast-pre­stressed and post-ten­sioned con­crete struc­tures from struc­tural de­sign to dura­bil­ity and safety con­sid­er­a­tions.

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