Tor 7.0 de­buts with sand­box fea­ture

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Tor, the open source browser that is pop­u­lar for main­tain­ing user anonymity, has re­ceived an up­date to ver­sion 7.0, which in­cludes a sand­box fea­ture. The new ver­sion is de­signed for pri­vacy-minded folks, of­fer­ing them a more se­cure plat­form to surf the Web.

The new sand­box in­te­gra­tion hides your real IP and MAC ad­dress and even your files. The fea­ture makes sure that the in­for­ma­tion that the Tor browser learns about your com­puter is limited. More­over, it makes it harder for hack­ers lever­ag­ing Fire­fox ex­ploits to learn about user iden­ti­ties. “We know there are peo­ple who try to deanonymise Tor users by ex­ploit­ing Fire­fox. Hav­ing the Tor browser run in a sand­box makes their life a lot harder,” Tor de­vel­oper Yawn­ing An­gel wrote in a Q&A ses­sion.

An­gel has been ex­per­i­ment­ing with the sand­box fea­ture since Oc­to­ber 2016. The fea­ture was in the un­sta­ble and test­ing phase back then. How­ever, the new re­lease for Linux and Mac is a sta­ble ver­sion to pro­tect user iden­ti­ties.

In ad­di­tion to the sand­box fea­ture, the lat­est Tor ver­sion comes with Fire­fox 52 ESR. This new de­vel­op­ment in­cludes track­ing and finger­print­ing re­sis­tance im­prove­ments such as the iso­la­tion of cook­ies, view-source re­quests and the per­mis­sions API to the first-party URL bar do­main. It also in­cludes We­bGL2, the We­bAu­dio, So­cial, SpeechSyn­the­sis and Touch APIs.

With the Fire­fox 52 ESR ad­di­tion, the lat­est Tor build will not work on non-SSE2-ca­pa­ble Win­dows hardware. Users also need to be us­ing Mac OS X 10.9 or higher on Ap­ple hardware, and use e10s on Linux and MacOS sys­tems to be­gin with the sand­box­ing fea­ture.

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