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We spoke to a few mem­bers of the tech com­mu­nity to un­der­stand why they had not at­tended ear­lier edi­tions of In­dia Elec­tron­ics Week (IEW). Our aim was to iden­tify the most com­mon rea­sons and share them with you, so that if you too had sim­i­lar rea­sons, you may choose not to at­tend IEW 2018. This is what they shared…

#1.Tech­nolo­gies like IoT, AI and em­bed­ded sys­tems have no fu­ture

Frankly, I have NO in­ter­est in new tech­nolo­gies like In­ter­net of Things (IoT), ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence, etc. I don't think these will ever take off, or be­come crit­i­cal enough to af­fect my or­gan­i­sa­tion or my ca­reer.

#2. I see no point in at­tend­ing tech events

What's the point in in­vest­ing en­ergy and re­sources to at­tend such events? I would rather wait and watch—let oth­ers take the lead. Why take the ini­tia­tive to un­der­stand new tech­nolo­gies, their im­pact and busi­ness mod­els?

#3. My boss does not like me

My boss is not fond of me and doesn't re­ally want me to grow pro­fes­sion­ally. And when she came to know that IEW 2018 is an event that can help me ad­vance my ca­reer, she can­celled my ap­pli­ca­tion to at­tend it. Thank­fully, she is at­tend­ing the event! Look for­ward to a hol­i­day at work.

#4. I hate in­no­va­tors!

Oh my! In­dian star­tups are plan­ning to give LIVE demon­stra­tions at IEW 2018? I find that hard to be­lieve. Worse, if my boss sees these, he will ex­pect me to cre­ate in­no­va­tive stuff too. I bet­ter find a way to keep him from at­tend­ing.

#5. I am way too BUSY

I am just too busy with my on­go­ing projects. They just don't seem to be get­ting over. Once I catch up, I'll in­vest some time in en­hanc­ing my knowl­edge and skills, and fig­ure out how to meet my dead­lines.

#6. I only like at­tend­ing ven­dor events

Can you imag­ine an event where most of the speak­ers are not ven­dors? Where most talks will not be by peo­ple try­ing to sell their prod­ucts? How bor­ing! I can't imag­ine why any­one would want to at­tend such an event. I love sales talks, and I am sure ev­ery­body else does too. So IEW is a big 'no-no' for me.

#7. I don't think I need hands-on knowl­edge

I don't see any value in the tech work­shops be­ing or­gan­ised at IEW. Why would any­one want hands-on knowl­edge? Isn't brows­ing the Net and watch­ing YouTube videos a bet­ter al­ter­na­tive?

#8. I love my of­fice!

Why do peo­ple leave the com­fort of their of­fices and weave through that ter­ri­ble traffic to at­tend a tech­ni­cal event? They must be crazy. What’s the big deal in lis­ten­ing to ex­perts or net­work­ing with peers? I'd rather en­joy the cof­fee and the cool com­fort of my of­fice, and learn ev­ery­thing by brows­ing the Net!

#9. I pre­fer for­eign events

While IEW's was voted the ‘World's No.1 IoT event’ on, I don't see much value in at­tend­ing such an event in In­dia—and that, too, one that’s be­ing put to­gether by an In­dian or­gan­iser. Naah! I would rather at­tend such an event in Europe. Hope we've man­aged to con­vince you NOT to at­tend IEW 2018! Frankly, we too have NO clue why 10,000-plus techies at­tended IEW in March 2017. Per­haps there's some­thing about the event that we've not fig­ured out yet. But, if we haven't been able to dis­suade you from at­tend­ing IEW 2018, then you may reg­is­ter at http://reg­is­

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