Linux op­er­at­ing sys­tems and pro­grams that you can use ev­ery day.

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Linux Mint 18.2 Cin­na­mon (64-bit live) Linux Mint is a mod­ern, el­e­gant and com­fort­able op­er­at­ing sys­tem, which is both pow­er­ful and easy to use. It is one of the most pop­u­lar desk­top Linux dis­tri­bu­tions and is used by mil­lions of peo­ple. Linux Mint 18.2 is a long-term sup­port (LTS) re­lease, which will be sup­ported un­til 2021. The ver­sion bun­dled with this DVD is the Cin­na­mon desk­top edi­tion.

PCLin­uxOS 64 MATE 2017.07 Desk­top

Ev­ery­thing you do with ‘that other OS’, you can do with PCLin­uxOS. It comes with a com­plete In­ter­net suite for surf­ing the Net, send­ing and re­ceiv­ing email, in­stant mes­sag­ing, blog­ging, tweet­ing and watch­ing on­line videos. The bun­dled ISO im­age can be found in the oth­er_isos folder on the root of the DVD.

Linux Lite 3.6 32-bit

The desk­top is clean and sim­ple. With easy ac­cess to the menu, sys­tem set­tings and con­fig­u­ra­tion, nav­i­gat­ing around and do­ing your com­put­ing in Linux Lite is sim­ple and in­tu­itive. It comes with a com­plete set of soft­ware to sim­plify your daily com­puter usage. The bun­dled ISO im­age can be found in the oth­er_isos folder on the root of the DVD.


Clonezilla is a par­ti­tion and disk imaging/cloning pro­gram. It helps you to do sys­tem de­ploy­ment or bare metal backup and re­cov­ery. The bun­dled ISO im­age is of the live edi­tion, and is suit­able for sin­gle ma­chine backup and re­store.

GParted 0.29.0

GParted is a free par­ti­tion ed­i­tor to graph­i­cally man­age your disk par­ti­tions. With GParted, you can re­size, copy and move par­ti­tions with­out data loss. It en­ables you to grow or shrink your C: drive, cre­ate space for new op­er­at­ing sys­tems or at­tempt data res­cue from lost par­ti­tions.

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