5 Don’ts

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1. Please don’t pass off some one off as an

ac­tual out­door piece 2. Don’t have those fake act­ing peo­ple look­ing at

your out­door piece. It is now get­ting ridicu­lous. 3. Pick and se­lect what you truly be­lieve in and not just send anything that u have put on wall and clicked cause it is easy If at all your en­ter­ing a one off (we know it is im­pos­si­ble to stop this) at least take the trou­ble in fin­ish­ing it prop­erly. Some of the stuff we see is the in your face photo-shopped it is not funny 5. Don’t please pass off print ads as posters. It is re­ally weird to see long copy ads be­ing put up as posters. “With ac­ti­va­tion and re­tail broad­en­ing in scope and need hope­fully we will have some in­ter­est­ing pieces this year. Some true in­ter­ac­tive en­gag­ing pieces.” shares Priti.


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