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Ltd. The du­ra­tion of the cam­paign was for one month and var­i­ous out­door medium like Bus Shel­ters, Foot Over %ULGJHV, 7UDI­fiF ,VODQGV, &HQWUDO 0HGLDQV, %RDUGV LQ 7KH Rail­way Sta­tion Park­ing area and Rail Over Bridges.were used for the cam­paign which was pro­moted at var­i­ous lo­ca­tions across the city. Says Mu­ralid­ha­ran, speak­ing fur­ther about the FDPSDLJQ, “7KDQNV WR WKH FR RSHUDWLRQ RI WKH 7UDI­fiF Po­lice and the Pub­lic there weren’t any prob­lems car­ry­ing out the cam­paign and fu­ture plans for do­ing such aware­ness cam­paigns ev­ery quar­ter across Chen­nai are on. The mes­sage had reached all the cit­i­zens and was a suc­cess­ful cam­paign. In fact, to en­sure reach­ing all seg­ments of the so­ci­ety we had done the cam­paign in both Tamil and English.”

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