New mon­i­tor­ing tool: is it the long awaited an­swer?

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Proof of Per­for­mance takes one step for­ward in re­solv­ing the is­sue of mon­i­tor­ing and mea­sure­ment by pro­vid­ing ev­i­dence of per­for­mance to the whole OOH eco-sys­tem. But the ques­tion is: will the in­dus­try ac­cept it? Out­door Asia spoke to a few in the in­dus­try in­clud­ing spe­cial­ist agen­cies and me­dia own­ers to get their take on it. Read on…

Abig chal­lenge in the OOH in­dus­try is the is­sue of mea­sur­ing ac­cu­rate ROI and de­liv­er­ing proof of per­for­mance to the client brands. The na­ture of the medium has al­ways been con­sid­ered as a big hin­drance in mon­i­tor­ing the medium. How­ever, Proofof-Per­for­mance (PoP), an OOH data ser­vice com­pany, came up with a new tool- Drive ThrOOH, which pro­vides ac­cu­rate data along with the ev­i­dence. “Drive ThrOOH tool will video-graph the out­door medium in or­der to mon­i­tor the cam­paigns which will also be sup­ported with the per­for­mance ev­i­dence. The ob­jec­tive is to pro­vide the much needed data to the in­dus­try, where the tool can be used for plan­ning, com­pli­ance mon­i­tor­ing and anal­y­sis (PMA). The Drive ThrOOH data is meant to tar­get the brand own­ers who hes­i­tate in spend­ing on OOH medium due to loss of mea­sure­ment and trans­parency,” said Har­jaap Singh Mann, MD, Proof of Per­for­mance Data Ser­vices

How it works

A Drive ThrOOH de­vice is de­signed with a cam­era in­stalled on ve­hi­cle that cap­ture the videos of the land­scape which are then pro­cessed by pro­pri­etary soft­ware and im­age pro­cess­ing al­go­rithms, be­sides go­ing through a man­ual qual­ity check. The ac­cu­racy of data will be en­sured by build­ing en­cryp­tion; time stamp­ing, geo-cod­ing and dig­i­tal sign­ing on the video plat­form. The in­ter­ested par­ties can ob­tain the video an­a­lyt­ics from cloud based plat­form, chris­tened Earthive. Th­ese videos will be cap­tured through a pre-de­fined drive within the city on fort­nightly ba­sis. The ve­hi­cles will go ac­cord­ing to a week plan, which will be changed con­stantly to cap­ture the OOH en­vi­ron­ment dur­ing dif­fer­ent trav­el­ers’ time. Around 45,000+ me­dia as­sets across 30 cities have been plot­ted on the maps. The video will cap­ture the en­tire land­scape that is es­ti­mated around 95% of the cities. The ve­hi­cle will travel 11,000 km each fort­night and cap­ture 600 hours of video which is equal to about 2 te­tra bytes of data in each visit.


The Drive ThrOOH tool is de­vel­oped to over­come the flaws of pre­vi­ous mon­i­tor­ing sys­tem. The tool will be an­a­lyzed by pro­fes­sional soft­ware which can help in ex­tract­ing the busi­ness in­tel­li­gence, for in­stance which bill­board is present at which lo­ca­tion, which brand is ad­ver­tis­ing on that, who ad­ver­tised on the pre­vi­ous fort­night and so on. The Drive ThrOOH data will also pro­vide the var­i­ous data like trends about how much cat­e­gories are spend­ing, which parts have been used by a cer­tain cat­e­gory and etc.

The data pro­vided by the tool is de­signed to aid the whole out­door in­dus­try .i.e. me­dia own­ers, me­dia plan­ners and brands, in the rel­e­vant ways. The ex­tracted data will be put into the vis­i­bil­ity in­dex which will de­scribe the pa­ram­e­ters re­lated to the site and vis­i­bil­ity like the du­ra­tion of vis­i­bil­ity for that given traf­fic, an­gle to the road, height and

Har­jaap Singh Mann MD Proof of Per­for­mance Data Ser­vices

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