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Cad­bury Gems lever­aged the idea of ‘play­ing with Gems’ and trans­lated it into this vi­brant OOH cam­paign with the theme ‘Raho Umar­less’ to com­mu­ni­cate not only the fun of cricket but also hav­ing fun with col­ors . The brand is also plan­ning on ex­tend­ing the thought to other medi­ums by putting up huge Gems in­stal­la­tions in high WUDI­fiF DUHDV DORQJ ZLWK LQQRYDWLRQV RQ RXWGRRUV. 7KLV clut­ter break­ing cam­paign started off with the pop­u­lar jin­gle “Jeetega bhai jeetega” that asked peo­ple to choose WKH ZLQLQJ FRORXU DQG VKRZFDVHG YDULRXV FRORUV fiJKWLQJ for the cup. The cam­paign also had a cup made en­tirely of Cad­bury Gems that was dis­played in some malls. Speak­ing about this cam­paign, Su­parna Kabra, Group Brand Di­rec­tor, Bates, said “The task at hand was to make Gems pal­ettes move around to am­plify the theme of the cam­paign- ‘Kaun bhaya jeetege’ The in­no­va­tions which were ex­e­cuted were the ro­ta­tion of the cup to­wards each team and the wig­gling of each team in a ques­tion mark with the cup in the cen­ter. Both th­ese had a 3D ac­tual pack shot of Gems pro­trud­ing out of the bill­board to en­hance the pack­ag­ing / brand­ing. We had to en­sure the Gems pal­ettes looked real and tempt­ing and cre­ate a hype in prime lo­ca­tions. We had about 5-6 days to have all th­ese sites up and since Mum­bai was a prime mar­ket, we de­ployed two teams to en­sure hy­giene was main­tained.” A Cad­bury Spokesper­son added, “Cad­bury Gems spon­ta­neously brings out fun & hap­pi­ness in peo­ple through its lit­tle col­or­ful choco­late but­tons. We saw this as an in­ter­est­ing op­por­tu­nity and de­cided to give this play­ful­ness a quirky & top­i­cal take. We didn’t just limit the ef­fort to tele­vi­sion and took the cam­paign with choco­late but­tons dig­i­tal, on-ground and out­doors. The cam­paign seems to be tran­scend­ing age-groups and is gar­ner­ing ap­pre­ci­a­tion from teens and adults as well.” The reg­u­lar vanilla cam­paign was ex­e­cuted in Mum­bai and Ban­ga­lore with a pack shot cutout

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