‘It may be the seed of new cre­ation’

Josy Paul, Chair­man & CCO, BBDO In­dia

Outdoor Asia - - Debate -

I was a non-be­liever; I ac­tu­ally thought that one-offs were just cre­ated for awards. Then one day some­thing hap­pened. I met Steve Jobs (sort of), he showed a one­off ad that he had done for AP­PLE; it was called 1984,. It was an ad that ran only for once and kind of cre­ated a cult. It made AP­PLE what it is to­day and built a coun­ter­cul­ture. It made me think about one-off as some­thing WOW. Later I also heard about the Dove cam­paign for Real Beauty. Well, one­offs sud­denly started spring­ing new sur­prises. I was told about this amaz­ing song that some­one wrote in the 70s for a soft drink which was done only for Christ­mas Day and then for a decade it lasted be­cause it was a song for a na­tion try­ing to fight its own bat­tles. I re­al­ized I had to be a lit­tle less judg­men­tal about one-offs. Some­times it is the lit­tle one-off in­ci­dents that trig­ger large move­ments. I thought about cre­ation and how it takes only one seed to cre­ate some­thing and I re­al­ized one-offs have their role. I am here to make a prom­ise that I will treat ev­ery one-off as an R&D lab­o­ra­tory, give it space and time to grow and if it dies, it was never meant to be, but never re­ject be­cause it came walk­ing and alone. Some­one is try­ing to find a new truth, give him a chance. We may award them or not award them, but we can’t ig­nore them.

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