‘There is very lit­tle eval­u­a­tion ma­trix in OOH’

San­jay Tri­pa­thy, Ex­ec­u­tive VP and Head - Mar­ket­ing, Prod­uct, and Di­rect Chan­nels, HDFC Life

Outdoor Asia - - Brand Take -

Mea­sur­ing the medium

OOH is quite an im­pact­ful medium for com­mu­ni­ca­tion and strate­gic po­si­tion­ing of the me­dia; it gar­ners quite a strong brand re­call. How­ever, there is lit­tle done to eval­u­ate the re­sponse and reach of the medium. Cur­rently, each OOH agency has their own method of eval­u­a­tion which can­not be taken as stan­dard. Thus to a great ex­tent, the OOH in In­dia is more to do with the choice of ad­ver­tis­ers. The OOH sec­tor should come to­gether and ar­rive on a stan­dard re­sponse mea­sure­ment tool which can be con­sid­ered a ref­er­ence point for all eval­u­a­tions, in line with IRS or TAM.

Per­cent­age of ad­ver­tis­ing spend on Out­door medium

As a brand we spend sub­stan­tially in the OOH space. As the ur­ban In­dia ex­pands, peo­ple are now spend­ing a lot of time out of home. Hence, to con­nect with our con­sumers we fol­low a 360 de­gree com­mu­ni­ca­tion ap­proach and out­door is an im­port com­po­nent. Be­sides that, to in­crease vis­i­bil­ity in cer­tain ge­ogra­phies, we have been ex­ten­sively spend­ing in the OOH space. How­ever, in cer­tain re­sult driven cam­paigns, OOH spends are, at times limited, due to lack of a stan­dard ROI mea­sur­ing mech­a­nism. There is a strong need to ar­rive at a sci­en­tific way of mea­sur­ing suc­cess of the OOH cam­paign in terms of ROI. Also, there is a need to in­tro­duce bet­ter tech­nol­ogy and in­no­va­tion to break the clut­tered pres­ence.

Pre­ferred out­door for­mat

Our choice of OOH medium is to­tally de­pen­dent on our TG for that par­tic­u­lar cat­e­gory of prod­uct which we are cam­paign­ing for. Wher­ever pos­si­ble, larger for­mats are gen­er­ally pre­ferred, but not limited to. The plan­ning for out­door cam­paign greatly de­pends upon the ap­proach route we in­tend to take for the key com­mu­ni­ca­tion. The choice of me­dia may vary as per our re­quire­ments from the mar­kets tar­geted. We an­a­lyze the be­havioural pat­tern to iden­tify the touch points, where we can get the max­i­mum at­ten­tion. With in­creas­ing trends of Mall cul­ture in ur­ban so­ci­eties, spends in am­bi­ent spa­ces and mul­ti­plexes are also on an in­creas­ing curve.

Fo­cus on Dig­i­tal OOH

Dig­i­tal OOH is still in its nascent stage in our coun­try. It is still ex­per­i­ment­ing and evolv­ing. But look­ing at the much bet­ter con­trol over ex­e­cu­tion and TG reach, it is pick­ing up fast, and we too have our pres­ence here. There is a lot that can be done in this space, and as a brand, more in­no­va­tive and in­ter­ac­tive op­tions are awaited from the me­dia own­ers.

Creative agen­cies –Their fo­cus or the lack of it on OOH & their cre­ativ­ity

The past few years have seen a lot of pos­i­tive de­vel­op­ments. Many OOH agen­cies are now equip­ping them­selves with a ded­i­cated creative team. Many oth­ers pro­vide sup­port in ar­riv­ing at the right kind of creative mes­sage for the cho­sen medium of dis­play. But, hav­ing said that, in most of the cases, the creative agen­cies are more skewed to­wards cer­tain kind of per­sonal pref­er­ence, hence the creative might not come out strong across all com­mu­ni­ca­tion me­dia. Hence you may have a very strong TVC but not so im­pres­sive Print or Ra­dio, or you may have a very strong Print & OOH but some­where lose the flavour on other medi­ums. Also the OOH sec­tor is still by and large ex­tremely un­or­ga­nized and prone to van­dal­ism. Hence, it has not seen much in­no­va­tions com­pared to the rest of the world. As a brand it is most im­por­tant for us to reach out to the tar­get au­di­ence in the most im­pact­ful man­ner. The choice of ad­ver­tis­ing me­dia, the creative mes­sage is all de­pen­dent on and driven to get the pos­i­tive re­call by the TG. The creative agen­cies work in sync with this thought. Lim­i­ta­tion to get best OOH creative is more de­pen­dent on avail­abil­ity of ad­e­quate in­for­ma­tion on what works and what not. For other me­dia, we have many ways to eval­u­ate the suc­cess of cam­paign on var­i­ous pa­ram­e­ters, but un­for­tu­nately, very lit­tle work has hap­pened on eval­u­a­tion ma­trix in OOH. Choices mostly are driven by per­sonal ex­pe­ri­ences, hence, limited in­no­va­tions and repet­i­tive creative work.

Credit is­sues faced by me­dia own­ers

As a brand we have limited ex­po­sure to di­rectly deal­ing with the me­dia own­ers. But we hold our agency ac­count­able for un­main­tained medium, de­lay in ex­e­cu­tion, im­proper ex­e­cu­tion in­ad­e­quate mon­i­tor­ing & re­port­ing, etc.

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