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Outdoor Asia - - INDUSTRY REPORT -

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ASSOLFaELOLWy a) Out­door Me­dia Own­ers, Mar­keters, Con­ces­sion­aires E) 6SHFLaOLVW & 2WKHU AGYHUWLVLQJ AJHQFLHV F) AGYHUWLVHUV Ex­cep­tions: only the pay­ment terms stated herein shall not be ap­pli­ca­ble to air­port ad­ver­tis­ing con­ces­sions. )RU ALUSRUW GLVSOayV, FUHGLW WHUPV VKaOO EH 45 GayV IURP GaWH RI LQYRLFH. AOO RWKHU WHUPV aV GH­fiQHG KHUH VKaOO be ap­pli­ca­ble to them sub­ject to air­port se­cu­rity rules & pro­cesses which of­ten pre­vent im­me­di­ate or ur­gent ac­tion on dis­play in­stal­la­tions or main­te­nance and are be­yond con­trol of con­ces­sion­aire. pre­pared by AJHQFy aQG VWaPS GXWy HWF GHGXFWHG IURP MO/C).

Ex­e­cu­tion of CCF be­tween the Prin­ci­pal and the Client


will be a pre­req­ui­site to the com­mence­ment of a cam­paign. CCF shall spec­ify start and end dates RI VSHFL­fiF FaPSaLJQ, VLWH GHWaLOV, UaWH IRU HaFK VLWH, RYHUaOO FaPSaLJQ VSHQG aQG UHIHUHQFH QXPEHU RI A0&. The CCF shall serve as ba­sic em­pow­er­ing doc­u­ment for the Prin­ci­pals to raise in­voice on Clients in ab­sence of a Re­lease Or­der be­ing re­ceived from the Client as here­inafter pro­vided and shall, among other things, be the ref­er­ence point for dis­pute res­o­lu­tion by com­pe­tent aXWKRULWLHV, GH­fiQHG KHUHLQaIWHU.

Clients shall is­sue Re­lease Or­der gov­ern­ing each cam­paign


to each of their Prin­ci­pals in­volved in the same, and per­tain­ing to the CCF al­ready ex­e­cuted for the same, within 3 work­ing days of start date of the cam­paign, spec­i­fy­ing changes from CCF, if any, for start date, end date, site par­tic­u­lars & site rates. If no such Re­lease Or­der is is­sued, it shall be pre­sumed that de­tails in CCF are true and there­fore shall be ac­cepted as ba­sis for in­voic­ing. Where a Re­lease Or­der is is­sued, in­voic­ing shall be based on the same. In both cases above, the over­all terms of the Me­dia Con­tract al­ready ex­e­cuted be­tween Prin­ci­pal and Client shall pre­vail. Fur­ther, for the pur­pose of rais­ing bills, only the pe­riod of book­ing as stated in CCF/RO shall be con­sid­ered and delays if any, in pro­vid­ing ma­te­rial for the dis­play shall not be taken into ac­count. How­ever, any de­lay on the part of the Prin­ci­pal shall be made good ei­ther by pro­vid­ing a pro rata ex­ten­sion or a suit­able cash re­bate, as maybe agreed by and be­tween the Prin­ci­pal and the Client, sub­ject to Clause N(6) be­low. E. Once a dis­play book­ing is re­ceived by ex­e­cu­tion of CCF, the Prin­ci­pal shall be re­spon­si­ble as fol­lows: 1. To en­sure timely dis­play / cor­rect dis­play for the com­plete du­ra­tion as stip­u­lated un­der the CCF /R.O. VXEMHFW VWULFWOy WR FRQGLWLRQV VSHFL­fiHG LQ WKH 0HGLa &RQWUaFW, LQFOXGLQJ SURYLVLRQV IRU UHFWL­fiFaWLRQ / SHQaOWLHV IRU GHIHFWLYH GHOLYHULHV aV GH­fiQHG LQ WKH 0HGLa &RQWUaFW LQ GHWaLO; 2. Once CCF is ex­e­cuted, it will be the Prin­ci­pal’s re­spon­si­bil­ity to en­sure avail­abil­ity of the site i. e. en­sure it does not vi­o­late con­di­tions of ex­ten­sion for ex­ist­ing dis­play if any or of­fer it to some other Client for ZKaWHYHU UHaVRQ;


4. 7R .HHS WKH VLWH VaIH aQG LQ a JRRG WHQaEOH FRQGLWLRQ; 5. To pro­vide proof of dis­play along with in­voices as pro­vided in the Me­dia Con­tract, as well as to pro­vide credit notes and /or, in gen­eral, fol­low all pro­vi­sions of the Me­dia Con­tract.

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