Tablet Sales in In­dia Will Rise Ex­po­nen­tially in 2012


Septem­ber 2012

Datawind has 3 mil­lion or­ders! Mr. Tuli is talk­ing as if he has de­liv­ered tens of thou­sands of tablets. Even if he has de­liv­ered a hun­dred thou­sand so far, he is yet to de­liver 2.9 mil­lion, 96 % of those. Imag­ine how long it will take him at that speed? 24 times the time taken so far, if pro­duc­tion has not been ramped up.

– P Se­tra on Yes you are right, Datawind is a fraud com­pany and they have not de­liv­ered my ubis­late 7+. I have al­ready paid Rs 2999 in Fe­bru­ary. I want to sue them in court.

– Nidhi on Yes you are right, I also want to sue them in court.

– Ran­jit on

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