De­ploy­ment of Cloud Com­put­ing


Most of the com­pa­nies uti­lize Cloud firstly for soft­war­eas-ser­vices and se­condly for In­fra­struc­ture-as-ser­vices. Sur­pris­ingly, the split be­tween those al­ready us­ing SaaS and those plan­ning to de­ploy is al­most equal. Only 23% of the re­spon­dents were not likely to de­ploy SaaS. Sec­ond fa­vorite cloud com­put­ing ser­vice is In­fra­struc­ture as a Ser­vice, or IaaS, with about 22% of re­spon­dents likely to de­ploy it, while 18% al­ready us­ing it. A whop­ping 60% of the re­spon­dents how­ever, had no plans for the same. Pri­vate cloud and Plat­form as a Ser­vice is not a high con­sid­er­a­tion for the ma­jor­ity of or­ga­ni­za­tions in this space.

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