UI, in­clu­sion of Client Hy­per-V, sup­ports for x86 PCs & ARM tablets...


“I would def­i­nitely want to up­grade to Win­dows 8, given that it sup­ports both x86 PCs and ARM tablets which will help us in­tro­duce Win­dows­based tablets at my or­ga­ni­za­tion (Ma­ni­pal Hos­pi­tals), help­ing them to act like smart­phones. Also the touch-cen­tric, tiles-based User In­ter­face (UI) can of­fer the users a sim­ple and in­tu­itive plat­form while work­ing on the tablets/mo­bile de­vices. One of the finest fea­ture of Win­dow 8 is the in­clu­sion of Client Hy­per-V, an in-built fea­ture which will help us use Mi­crosoft VM plat­form with min­i­mum com­plex­i­ties.”

— Nand­k­ishor Dhomne, CIO, Ma­ni­pal Health En­ter­prises

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