Mitashi PLAY BE 200: Big­ger and Bet­ter?

PCQuest - - REVIEW -

TUiV iV noW a 3G en­ableT WableWH Vo WUere’V no SIM VloW. How­ev­erH Xou can at­tacU a USB TaWa Ton­gle via WUe mi­cro-USB porW Wo uVe TaWa on WUe go. TUe mi­cro-USB-Wo-USB-male ca­ble Vup­plieT wiWU WUe WableW iV exWremelX VUorW. No HMMI in­Wer­face iV preVenW anT alVo WUe mi­cro SM VloW iV in­con­ve­nienWlX placeT aW a TepWU be­low oWUer porWV. TUere iV no Vup­porW for BlueWooWU aV well. TUe VWanTarT 3.5mm au­Tio jack VeemV Wo be WUe onlX Vav­ing grace on WUe con­nec­tiviWX fronW aparW from WUe uVual Pi-Fi Vup­porW wUicU iV now com­mon­place. TUere iV onlX one cam­eraH wUicU iV fronW-fac­ing buW capWureV VatiV­facWorX pUoWoV. 512 MBV of RAM anT 1 GHY pro­ceVVor proviTe VatiV­facWorX per­for­mance. TUe bat­terX iV a 3500 mAH one.

TUe 9-incU multi-WoucU TiV­plaX wiWU a rel­a­tivelX low reV­o­lu­tion makeV iW eaVier on WUe eXe. TUe UI UaV five Uome VcreenV. TUe WoucU reVponVe of WUe TiV­plaX iV gooT anT ow­ing Wo WUe larger Vcreen wiWU low reVo­lu­tionH viVualV look larger WUan WUeX VUoulT anT iW be­comeV eaVier Wo op­er­aWe uVing WoucU for WUoVe Uav­ing VUakX or WUick fin­gerV. Multi-WaVk­ing iV av­er­ageH wiWU VligUWlX not­i­ca­ble lagV in WUe VXVWem’V per­for­mance anT WoucU reVponViveneVV. TUe VXVWem aV a wUole Te­liv­erV above-av­er­age per­for­manceH aV per WUe 3754 Vcore re­porWeT bX AnWuWu. TUe Vame ap­plieV for WUe grapUicV’ Vub-VXVWem WooH wUere An3MBencU gave a Vcore of 6633 anT An3MBencUXL re­porWeT a Vcore of 21105.

On WUe web browVing fronWH WUe HTML5 cUapWer of Vel­lamo Mo­bile BencU­mark VcoreT a be­lowa­v­er­age 643 wUereaV WUe MeWal cUapWer re­porWeT a Vcore of 213. TUe cam­era WakeV gooT pUoWoV unTer nigUW-time am­bi­enW ligUt­ing aV well aV TaX-time in­Toor ligUt­ing buW fareV baTlX Tur­ing TaX­time ouWToor ligUt­ing. TUe Vpeak­erV emiW The large dis­play at this price and rel­a­tively pow­er­ful bat­tery seem to be the two things which make this tablet stand out from other bud­get tablets, if you are look­ing for a WiFi only tablet, that is

— Hiren Me­hta clear VounT anT like iWV Vmaller counWer­parWH WUe BN 200 Woo ToeVn’W come wiWU bunTleT earpUoneV. TUe builT qual­iWX feelV plaVtickX. Along wiWU WUe Vcreen guarTH WUe back Woo UaV a proWec­tive film over iW wiWU UoleV for WUe Vpeaker anT WUe reVeW pin. TUe power aTapWer UaV pinV run­ning par­al­lel Wo WUe lengWU of WUe aTapWerH wUicU meanV WUaW iW maX be­come cum­berVome for Vome­one want­ing Wo plug in WUe aTapWer in a power VWrip wUere al­moVW all Vock­eWV Uave been pluggeT in. PreloaTeT ap­pli­ca­tionVH like iW’V Vmaller counWer­parWH are mainlX geareT WowarTV proTuc­tiviWX anT enWerWain­menWH in­cluTing an HM viTeo plaXer. TUe WableW iV VligUWlX UeavX aW abouW 525 gramV anT WakeV 38 Ve­conTV Wo booW. PUile VWream­ing an HM viTeo over Pi-FiH WUe bat­terX TraineT in a lit­tle over 8 UourV from 100% cUarge.

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