How To Turn Your Lap­top Into A Wi-Fi Hotspot

There are ways to cre­ate an ad-hoc net­work from your lap­top when con­nected to the in­ter­net, but they usu­ally in­volve mul­ti­ple steps. We present a one-click so­lu­tion to con­vert your lap­top into a Wifi hotspot and bring data con­nec­tiv­ity to all your de­vices

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W3) Set Up Con­nec­tify

hile most smart­phones nowa­days of­fer the ca­pa­bil­ity to tether their 3G data con­nec­tion to other de­vices, lap­tops need ex­ten­sive setup through the Win­dows con­trol panel to share their data con­nec­tion. But fret not! Con­nec­tify Hotspot is here to save the day. Con­nec­tify is a free soft­ware that runs in the taskbar, and can be set up in just a few min­utes, and can con­fig­ure and launch a Wi-Fi hotspot really fast! Here is a short tu­to­rial on how to set it up:

1) Down­load Con­nec­tify Lite Ver­sion

Down­load the free ver­sion of Con­nec­tify for ini­tial setup from There is a pro ver­sion as well, which starts from a 1-year sub­scrip­tion at Rs 1,717. The pro ver­sion has some use­ful features, such as the shar­ing of 3G/4G from a mo­bile broad­band card, and wire­lessly “fling­ing” files from one sys­tem to an­other.

2) In­stall Con­nec­tify Lite Ver­sion

You can in­stall the soft­ware within a cou­ple of sec­onds with the typ­i­cal “next-next-next” setup process. Con­nec­tify will run in the Win­dows tool­bar once it is run­ning. There are some ads at the bot­tom, but we did not find them in­tru­sive as such. You will be able to change the hotspot name par­tially, but the name will al­ways have to re­tain “con­nec­tify” as a pre­fix, un­less you up­grade to the pro ver­sion. Then, you will have to pick what kind of con­nec­tion to share, which de­pends on whether your lap­top is con­nected through an Eth­er­net ca­ble or a WiFi net­work.Us­ing the op­tion of shar­ing mode, you can con­fig­ure what type of en­cryp­tion you would like ap­plied on the hotspot. Af­ter that, sim­ply click “Start Hotspot” to turn your lap­top/note­book into a per­sonal router. You should be able to de­tect the wire­less net­work you started on any other de­vice with Wi-Fi ac­cess. The taskbar app should then switch over to the “Clients” view, where you

— Srini­vasan Viswanathan can man­age and view de­vices that are con­nected to your Wi-Fi hotspot.


Even with­out the pro ver­sion, Con­nec­tify is more than enough to pro­vide ca­pa­bil­ity to share your data con­nec­tion eas­ily. This so­lu­tion is per­fect for the trav­el­ling pro­fes­sional, who needs a con­stant net­work con­nec­tion. Usu­ally, ho­tels charge for a Wi-Fi con­nec­tion and this is re­stricted to just a sin­gle de­vice. With Con­nec­tify, you can pur­chase a sin­gle con­nec­tion for your lap­top and share this con­nec­tion with your smart­phone and tablet, with­out hav­ing to shell out ridicu­lous amounts for mul­ti­ple con­nec­tions. Con­nec­tify sup­ports Win­dows XP,Vista, 7 and 8 ver­sions.

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