SanDisk ReadyCache: Pump up your Sys­tem Per­for­mance

This 32 GB SSD, along with its Readycache soft­ware acts as ad­di­tional cache to your ex­ist­ing HDD, and gives a sig­nif­i­cant boost to your sys­tem per­for­mance

PCQuest - - PORTADA -

One Vim­ple waX Wo booVW per­for­mance of Xour olT macUine iV bX aT­Ting more RAM. BuW WUenH Xou can’W keep on aT­Ting RAM in­TefiniWelX. PluVH if Xou’re uVing PinTowV 7H 32-biWH WUen Xou can Uave max­i­mum of 3 GB of uVable me­morX no mat­ter Uow mucU pUXVi­cal me­morX Xou aTT. One Vo­lu­tion iV Wo up­graTe Wo a SSM. TUiV meWUoTH beViTeV Uav­ing coVW im­pli­ca­tionV alVo re­quireV Xou Wo To a freVU reinVWall of Pin 7 OS wUicU maX be prob­lem­atic.

To over­come all WUeVe iVVueVH SanTMiVk UaV come up wiWU an in­no­va­tive Vo­lu­tion calleT ReaTXCacUe SSM. Qou Vim­plX Uave Wo at­tacU WUiV SSM Wo an avail­able SATA porW (SATA 3 iV Vup­porWeT bX WUiV SSM) anT Town­loaT ReaTXCacUe Voft­ware bX WUe name of ‘Nx­preVVCacUeSeWup. exe’ from www.VanTiVk.comIreaTX­cacUe. InVWall WUiV Voft­wareH wUicU iV 132 MB anT ac­ti­vaWe iW uVing WUe ac­ti­va­tion keX WUaW VUipV wiWU WUe Trive. Once ac­ti­vaWeTH Xou neeT Wo reVWarW Xour macUine WUree timeV Vo WUaW in­VWalleT Voft­ware knowV wUicU all pack­ageV are reaTilX uVeT bX Xou anT cacUe WUem on WUe SSM. TUe Voft­ware alVo al­lowV Xou Wo TeleWe WUe cacUe. One crit­i­cal poinW Wo noWe Uere iV WUaW ReaTXCacUe workV onlX wiWU Pin 7 OSH anT ToeV noW Vup­porW oWUer OSVH wUicU lim­iWV iWV uVa­bil­iWX.

To WeVW WUiV SSMH we VWarWeT ouW wiWU con­ven­tional Trive WeVW uVing HM Tune 2.55 wUere WUiV Trive clockeT av­er­age WranVfer VpeeT of 326.5 MBIV. TUiV VpeeT iV lower WUan InWel SSM 335 SerieV we WeVWeT in WUiV iVVue wUicU clockeT 375.5 MBIVH buW com­pa­ra­ble Wo InWel SSM 520 SerieV wUicU clockeT 318 MBIV. All WUeVe WeVWV were per­formeT uVing SATA 3 in­Wer­face.

To Vee WUe Tif­fer­ence in per­for­mance pre anT poVW in­VWal­la­tion of ReaTXCacUeH we Wook a Pin 7 32-biW baVeT macUine wiWU a con­ven­tional HMM anT 3 GB RAMH anT ran BooW time (Sec) 3M Mark 06 PC Mark VanWage

With ReadyShare

25 21353 9207

— San­deep Koul

With­out ReadyShare

60 21345 9179 our per­for­mance WeVWV on iW. Pe ran 3MMark for grapUi­cal per­for­manceH PCMark VanWage for over­all PC per­for­manceH anT fi­nallX we cUeckeT booW up tim­ing. In our WeVWV we founT WUaW be­fore in­VWal­la­tion of ReaTXSUare cacUeH WUe macUine Wook on av­er­age 60 Ve­conTV Wo booWH buW wiWU RapiTSUareH WUiV time reTuceT Wo juVW 25 Ve­conTV. TUere waV no Vig­nif­i­canW Tif­fer­ence on grapUi­cal anT over­all per­for­mance fronW. Pre anT poVW ReaTXSUare reVulWV of 3M Mark were 21345 anT 21353 wUile WUaW of PC Mark VanWage were 9179 anT 9207 reVpec­tivelX. BuW Uere againH we wanW Wo poinW ouW WUaW WUe macUine UaT a freVU in­VWal­la­tion of Pin 7H anT noW one WUaW UaT VloweT Town over time. Pe’re Vure WUaW WUe ReaTXCacUe woulT make a Tif­fer­ence Wo a macUine WUaW UaV VloweT Town over time.

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