Tall, Dark And De­caf; I Will Make It My­self

The idea of self-ser­vice is now, well, more than just an idea. But will it ever shake-up CRM as we know it?

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IN­DIA: “I love your pizza but I would rather or­der, bake and pick it my­self.” The sen­tence is no more about a hint of sar­casm from an irate cus­tomer but rep­re­sents an en­tirely up­side-down world of cus­tomer en­gage­ment.

What was once dot­ted with terms like full-cy­cle en­gage­ment, cross-sell op­ti­miza­tion, proac­tive de­mand man­age­ment and griev­ance re­dres­sal is now dap­pled all over with one or the other shade of this new idea called – Self-Ser­vice.

Yes, cus­tomers are in­deed be­ing al­lowed, ac­costed and at times even urged to turn the wheel the other way around with the new model of con­sump­tion. It’s not just about queu­ing up in a fast food joint and cradling the or­der back to the ta­ble your­self. It’s much more, way deeper

– and a shock­ingly-per­va­sive enough to turn a few of our mar­ket­ing fore­fa­thers in their graves.

From the ini­tial fla­vor of IVR (In­ter­ac­tive Voice Re­sponse) sys­tems to an omni-chan­nel and ubiq­ui­tous plat­form level, the world of self-ser­vice is fast travers­ing mod­els like Ama­zon’s Dash but­tons, Voice as­sis­tants, in­tel­li­gent IoT De­vice use, and 3D print­ing feats.

In Di­men­sion Data’s 2013/2014 global con­tact cen­ter bench­mark­ing re­port, it popped that a huge num­ber of cus­tomer ser­vice cen­ters were mak­ing no at­tempt to col­lect cus­tomer feed­back. By some other es­ti­mates, as few as 1/3rd of Cus­tomer ser­vice in­ter­ac­tions will re­quire hu­man as­sis­tance by 2017. Gart­ner au­gured that some 2/3rd of Cus­tomer ser­vice in­ter­ac­tions can oc­cur with­out hu­man-to-hu­man con­tact by that time. No doubt,

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