Videocon D2H: Your TV Just Be­came Smarter

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What if you get smart TV func­tions in your ex­ist­ing FHD TV? Videocon re­cently launched HD Smart Con­nect Set Top Box called as ‘d2h Stream Box’ which con­verts your ex­ist­ing TV into a Smart TV. As like smart TV you can do var­i­ous things on it in­clud­ing browse con­tent from Face­book, Twit­ter, Daily Mo­tion, video on de­mand sites, news sites, weather sites, etc. The Stream box is pow­ered by the MPEG-4 and DVB-S2 tech­nol­ogy to trans­form your TV into a hub of en­ter­tain­ment and knowl­edge.

Con­nect to In­ter­net and Browse the App store: It comes with sev­eral pre­loaded apps, be it so­cial me­dia or movies on Net­flix, you would be able to en­joy con­tent in a new way. The apps are cu­rated as wall gar­den ser­vice, apps are not stored in the mem­ory and di­rectly ac­cessed from the d2h server. Each and ev­ery app is tested and ap­proved be­fore host­ing it on d2h server which is more se­cure and ro­bust plat­form. Apps are man­aged and con­trolled by VDL (Videocon d2h Lim­ited) host­ing the en­tire cat­e­gories of the apps.

Us­ing the Wi-Fi, you can con­nect your TV to your home hotspot and done, browse your fa­vorite app and stream videos or other con­tents.

The box comes with Dolby Dig­i­tal sup­ports but as Li­cence is re­quired so the box doesn’t de­code. If the end de­vice i.e. TV sup­ports the Dolby Dig­i­tal then TV can de­code and play. Mean­ing what­ever con­tent, you are en­joy­ing on the TV, the sound qual­ity is go­ing to be awe­some.

For­get the small screen: On one hand, you can browse your fa­vorite con­tent di­rectly on your TV by sim­ply con­nect­ing it to the in­ter­net, on the other hand, you can cast your smart­phone screen on the TV us­ing the STB.

Yes, even if your TV doesn’t have cast­ing fea­ture, you can cast your mo­bile screen us­ing the STB cast­ing fea­ture. It let you cast en­tire mo­bile screen and browse dif­fer­ent con­tent such as watch videos from phone gallery, YouTube, etc.

Smart re­mote: The STB comes with a RF4CE (Ra­dio Fre­quency) re­mote al­low­ing the user to op­er­ate from any an­gle and di­rec­tion. It also sup­ports wider range, so even if you are not close to your STB, still op­er­a­tion is pos­si­ble. Ad­di­tion­ally, you get the func­tion to con­vert your smart­phone into the re­mote. Just en­able the Smart re­mote to con­nect fea­ture, and con­nect your mo­bile with it and done.

Om­ni­di­rec­tional re­mote has sev­eral quick ac­tion but­tons to ease your life in­clud­ing Mo­saic, Video on De­mand, Ra­dio and Ac­tive. Ex­ist­ing Videocon users know about th­ese but­tons and for non D2H users Mo­saic -here you get cat­e­gories of var­i­ous avail­able chan­nels such as HD Chan­nels, Movies, NEWS, Sports, etc. PROS: Un­lim­ited Record­ing, HD chan­nels, Apps, smart re­mote CONS: None

Un­lim­ited Record­ing: The new HD Set Top Box sup­ports record­ing, en­abling you to record any pro­gramme and watch that later. You can record a Live TV pro­gramme or you can even record a sched­uled pro­gramme. Sim­ply con­nect a USB to your STB and go to the record­ing mode to record live or sched­uled pro­gramme, and it’s done. Now you have the recorded pro­gramme with you to watch it later at leisure.

You can even record any pro­gramme by its ti­tle. Man­u­ally set the record­ing for any par­tic­u­lar TV pro­gramme, also set the tim­ing for the record­ing so that you do not miss a sin­gle minute of the pro­gramme.

Once the record­ing is done you can watch the pro­gramme as like you play a movie. Yes, you can rewind or for­ward any recorded pro­gramme up to 32 times the nor­mal speed.

The pause but­ton is also there for quick record­ing, it let you pause the live pro­gramme and then watch it later at your con­ve­nience. Bottomline: Per­fect de­vice to up­grade your TV ex­pe­ri­ence without spend­ing a whole lot of money. It can con­vert your TV into smart as well as give your ac­cess to sev­eral in­ter­est­ing fea­tures en­abling smarter life.

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