10 Uses of AI-Pow­ered Smart­phones

An­a­lysts Pre­dict 80 Per­cent of Smart­phones Shipped Will Have OnDe­vice AI Ca­pa­bil­i­ties by 2022

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Ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence (AI) fea­tures will be­come a crit­i­cal prod­uct dif­fer­en­tia­tor for smart­phone ven­dors that will help them to ac­quire new cus­tomers while re­tain­ing cur­rent users, ac­cord­ing to Gart­ner, Inc. As the smart­phone mar­ket shifts from sell­ing tech­nol­ogy prod­ucts to de­liv­er­ing com­pelling and per­son­al­ized ex­pe­ri­ences, AI so­lu­tions run­ning on the smart­phone will be­come an essen­tial part of ven­dor roadmaps over the next two years.

“With smart­phones in­creas­ingly be­com­ing a com­mod­ity de­vice, ven­dors are look­ing for ways to dif­fer­en­ti­ate their prod­ucts,” said CK Lu, re­search di­rec­tor at Gart­ner. “Fu­ture AI ca­pa­bil­i­ties will al­low smart­phones to learn, plan and solve prob­lems for users. This isn’t just about mak­ing the smart­phone smarter, but aug­ment­ing peo­ple by re­duc­ing their cog­ni­tive load. How­ever, AI ca­pa­bil­i­ties on smart­phones are still in very early stages.”

10 Uses for AI-Pow­ered Smart­phones

“Over the next two years, most use cases will still ex­ploit a sin­gle AI ca­pa­bil­ity and tech­nol­ogy,” said Roberta Cozza, re­search di­rec­tor at Gart­ner. “Go­ing for­ward, smart­phones will com­bine two or more AI ca­pa­bil­i­ties and tech­nolo­gies to pro­vide more ad­vanced user ex­pe­ri­ences.”

Gart­ner has iden­ti­fied 10 high-im­pact uses for AIpow­ered smart­phones to en­able ven­dors to pro­vide more value to their cus­tomers.

1) “Dig­i­tal Me” Sit­ting on the De­vice

Smart­phones will be an ex­ten­sion of the user, ca­pa­ble of rec­og­niz­ing them and pre­dict­ing their next move. They will un­der­stand who you are, what you want, when you want it, how you want it done and ex­e­cute tasks upon your au­thor­ity.

“Your smart­phone will track you through­out the day to learn, plan and solve prob­lems for you,” said

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