KENT Magic (Car Air Pu­ri­fier) Sens­ing the grow­ing Air Pu­rifi­ca­tion mar­ket in the coun­try, KENT RO Sys­tems Ltd., one of the renowned health­care brands in In­dia, has an­nounced the launch of in-car air pu­ri­fiers– KENT MAGIC Car Air Pu­ri­fier. Iter­at­ing the great suc­cess of HEPA Based Home Air Pu­ri­fiers, KENT Aura and KENT Eter­nal, the ma­jor in­tro­duced this in-car model. It has been priced at INR 7999. KENT Alps Plus

Down­grad­ing air qual­ity in the coun­try is hit­ting dis­turb­ing lev­els and the cap­i­tal it­self is in the alarm­ing ma­trix so what more! With these ris­ing con­cerns over air qual­ity KENT RO Sys­tems Ltd, af­ter its suc­cess of pre­vi­ous three mod­els of air pu­ri­fiers is now up­beat for yet an­other model named KENT ALPS+ HEPA Air Pu­ri­fiers.

This new model is sup­pos­edly equipped with Air qual­ity In­di­ca­tors which sets it apart from the ear­lier KENT HEPA Air Pu­ri­fiers. Its real time mon­i­tor­ing of pu­rity and dis­play helps you to keep a check of in­door pol­lu­tion. With a touch of a but­ton you can eas­ily check the pol­lu­tion lev­els be­fore and af­ter use. Also KENT ALPS+ Air-Pu­ri­fier with its unique 4 stage fil­tra­tion process and high CADR re­moves up to 99% of in­door air pol­lu­tants. It in­stantly pu­ri­fies the air around to keep

you and your fam­ily in good health. Price: KENT ALPS+ HEPA Air Pu­ri­fier is priced at INR 25000. KENT ALPS Air Pu­ri­fier

A pow­er­ful air pu­ri­fier with ion­izer and HEPA air pu­rifi­ca­tion and in­built ion­izer that helps in re­mov­ing 99.9% in­door air pol­lu­tants. An ad­vanced air pu­ri­fier with HEPA pu­rifi­ca­tion tech­nol­ogy and high CADR that helps in re­mov­ing in­door air pol­lu­tants to make your home fresh and free of con­tam­i­nants. Price is INR 21990.

Kent Aura

Suit­able for in­stal­la­tion in a room size of up to 270 sq ft, KENT Aura with HEPA Tech­nol­ogy from Ja­pan makes your room air pure, healthy and pol­lu­tion free.INR 15990.

KENT Eter­nal An el­e­gantly de­signed air pu­ri­fier that uses state-of-the-art HEPA air pu­rifi­ca­tion tech­nol­ogy from Ja­pan to make the in­door air clean and free of pol­lu­tants. INR 21990.

Com­peti­tors and USPs

All KENT Air Pu­ri­fiers are HEPA Based mod­els. HEPA Pure Tech­nol­ogy Based Model re­moves dan­ger­ous par­tic­u­lates from Air. HEPA fil­ters have the ef­fi­ciency to catch and trap in­door car­cino­gens par­ti­cles like PM 2.5 par­tic­u­lates (re­moves up-to 99.99 %), Pollen, Al­ler­gens, Sur­face ad­her­ing Mold, Fine Dust and cling­ing odors like Cig­a­rette smoke, foul smells or pet odor. There are mod­els avail­able in mar­ket that come with a higher CADR and higher ca­pac­ity of 400 m3/hr which are ideal for an area of upto 430 sq feet. That means you can pu­rify area of your liv­ing room and lobby with this pu­ri­fier ide­ally.

Fil­tra­tion Process

It uses a com­bi­na­tion of pu­rifi­ca­tion sys­tems as well as a set of fil­ters. The three stage fil­tra­tion process gives you an ex­cel­lent level of Air Pu­rifi­ca­tion. Kent Air-Pu­ri­fiers uses tested and trusted a unique de­signed Pri­mary fil­ter act­ing a first line of de­fense re­moves large and vis­i­ble pol­lu­tants such as large par­ti­cle dust, cob­webs, de­bris, hu­man and pet hair, the Ac­ti­vated car­bon fil­ter re­moves any smell odour in­clud­ing smoke, foul smell, pet smell, and Anti-bac­te­rial coated ‘HEPA’ (high ef­fi­ciency par­tic­u­late ar­restor) de­vel­oped with su­pe­rior Ja­panese tech­nol­ogy, catches and traps car­cino­genic par­ti­cles such as bac­te­ria, pollen, al­ler­gens, mould, dust etc.

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