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Vol­ume wise also, China re­mains at the top with 950 mn me­ter square in June 2017 as com­pared to 953 mn in June 2016, with a slight drop of 0.35%. Viet­nam gains sec­ond po­si­tion with 296 mn sqm to the U.S., see­ing a good in­crease of 5.32% as com­pared to last year. In­dia’s vol­ume saw a de­cline of around 8.61% in vol­ume to the U.S. In fact, ex­cept In­done­sia and Viet­nam, all coun­tries saw a drop in vol­ume to the U.S. This in­di­cates a shift in the sourc­ing pat­tern of the U.S., which is ac­tu­ally mov­ing to­wards coun­tries with FTAS and bet­ter ac­ces­si­bil­ity and prices. The ef­fect of elected Pres­i­dent Trump is also ev­i­dent as the U.S. might be re­duc­ing its de­pen­dence on China for sourc­ing.

Con­tin­u­ing to make head­way de­spite the fail­ure of TPP, Viet­nam’s ap­parel ship­ments to the U.S. grew by 5.52% to $5.4 bil­lion in the pe­riod, gain­ing a per­cent­age of U.S. ap­parel im­port mar­ket share. China has lost the most in share of U.S. ap­parel im­ports in the pe­riod, down 0.6 per­cent­age points to 30.9%. Bangladesh also lost share, with ap­parel ship­ments to the U.S. down by 5.5% in the first six months of 2017, to 6.9% of to­tal U.S. ap­parel im­ports.

China, Viet­nam, Bangladesh, In­done­sia and In­dia are the top five ap­parel ex­porters in value terms to the U.S. dur­ing the pe­riod un­der re­view. Hon­duras,

one of the ma­jor ap­parel ex­porters to the U.S. – has now come down to the sev­enth spot. How­ever, among all top five ex­porters, only Viet­nam grew in value as the coun­try saw a rise in ex­ports by 8.16% dur­ing the first four months of the year. China, Bangladesh, In­done­sia and In­dia were down by 3.45%, 6.30%, 2.99% and 3.27% re­spec­tively.

Nine out of ten top ap­parel ex­port­ing na­tions of the world ex­pe­ri­enced neg­a­tive growth in ship­ment to the U.S. in 2016. Only Viet­nam’s ap­parel ex­ports in­creased 0.30% year-on-year in 2016.

Bangladesh’s ready­made gar­ment ex­ports to the United States fell by 6% in the first three months of the cur­rent cal­en­dar year. Bangladesh now faces an ex­port duty of 15.62% un­der Amer­ica’s most favoured na­tions cat­e­gory.

De­spite the po­ten­tial ben­e­fit of us­ing FTAS, data from the Of­fice of Tex­tiles and Ap­parel show that 85.7% of U.S. T&A im­ports came from non-fta re­gions in 2016. In­ter­est­ing enough, although more FTAS have taken ef­fect in the United States, T&A im­ported un­der FTA as a per­cent of to­tal T&A im­ports dropped from 15.1% in 2008 to 14.3% in 2016. Among the FTAS in force, the North Amer­i­can Free Trade Agree­ment (NAFTA) and the Do­mini­can-repub­lic-Cen­tral Amer­ica Free Trade Agree­ment (CAFTA-DR) al­to­gether ac­counted for 75.9% of the value of to­tal U.S. T&A im­ports un­der FTAS in 2016.

In­dia ex­ports var­i­ous prod­uct cat­e­gories to the U.S., some of the ma­jor items in­clud­ing baby suits, ba­bies gar­ments, cot­ton dresses, knit­ted shirts, cot­ton blouses, cot­ton skirts, cot­ton trousers and un­der­wear. As com­pared to June 2016, max­i­mum growth was seen in cot­ton blouses with 13.03% growth as com­pared to June 2016. Baby suits saw a growth of around 8.43% with a to­tal of USD 21.191mn baby suits ex­ported , fol­lowed by cot­ton dresses with 4.63% in­crease. All other cat­e­gories posted neg­a­tive growth.

If we an­a­lyse the fig­ures from 2015 to 2016, In­dia has seen a drop of around 1.2% in ex­ports to the US. The cat­e­gories that have re­mained strong for In­dia are (611030- Jer­seys, pullovers, cardi­gans, waist­coats and sim­i­lar ar­ti­cles) which saw growth of 18% from 2015-16. Then brassieres of all types of tex­tile ma­te­ri­als, whether elas­ti­cated or not, saw 17.9% growth. Ba­bies gar­ments and cloth­ing ac­ces­sories that in­clude cot­ton and knit­ted in cat­e­gory 611120 also saw growth of 2.6%. Ladies wear has al­ways been a strong cat­e­gory for In­dian ex­porters and the same is re­flected in the fig­ures. In­dia posted 11.1% growth in ladies blouses, shirts, shirts blouses of man- made fi­bres that fall in cat­e­gory 620640. Also, In­dia has the high­est share in this seg­ment with 15.9% as per the UN Com­trade data 2017.

in­dia ex­ported gar­ments worth usd 1999.75 mn to the u.s. un­til June 2017. While in 2016 it ex­ported gar­ments worth usd 3640.26, it was usd 3665.39 mn in 2017. Other ma­jor prod­ucts that were ex­ported to the u.s. were yarn (usd43.82 mn), fab­rics...

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