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New re­verse os­mo­sis (RO) mem­brane el­e­ments from LANXESS with ASD feed spac­ers have un­der­gone a trial in Ger­many’s largest in­dus­trial wa­ter treat­ment plant. More than 50,000 cu­bic me­ters of wa­ter are needed every day for pulp man­u­fac­tur­ing at Zell­stoff Sten­dal Gmbh, Arneb­urg, and this is treated us­ing re­verse os­mo­sis and ion ex­change resins. The new grades im­pressed with their per­for­mance and con­sis­tently high level of re­jec­tion. Op­ti­mized for ap­pli­ca­tions in brack­ish wa­ter, th­ese Le­wabrane-branded el­e­ments are char­ac­ter­ized by very low en­ergy con­sump­tion (LE = low en­ergy) and high foul­ing re­sis­tance (FR = foul­in­gre­sis­tant).

One year ago, Zell­stoff Sten­dal launched a project to test LANXESS’S newly de­vel­oped Le­wabrane ASD range of mem­brane el­e­ments. This in­volved in­stalling con­ven­tional re­verse os­mo­sis (RO) el­e­ments with a stan­dard feed spacer and FR el­e­ments with LANXESS’S new ASD spacer in par­al­lel in a sin­gle pres­sure ves­sel. Feed spac­ers are es­sen­tial com­po­nents for spi­rally wound mem­brane el­e­ments. They are made of poly­mer ma­te­rial and are op­ti­mized to en­sure con­stantly good per­for­mance for a wide range of raw wa­ter com­po­si­tions and var­i­ous process pa­ram­e­ters. The LANXESS spac­ers have a spe­cial “net­ting” that re­duces bi­o­log­i­cal growth and par­ti­cle foul­ing by min­i­miz­ing dead zones. The net­ting has an al­ter­nat­ing strand de­sign (ASD) of thin and thick fil­a­ments, which is what gives the spacer its name.

The com­pany came up with their fi­nan­cial re­sults and re­ported sales up by al­most 30% to EUR 2.5 bil­lion, wherein EBITDA pre ex­cep­tion­als in­creased sig­nif­i­cantly by 25.3% to EUR 367 mil­lion and the net in­come pre ex­cep­tion­als in­creased by 75% to EUR 141 mil­lion. Fol­low­ing a good sec­ond quar­ter 2017, spe­cialty chem­i­cals com­pany LANXESS con­tin­ues to ex­pect the high­est earn­ings in the com­pany’s his­tory for the cur­rent fi­nan­cial year.

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