Ad­van­tages of dye-sub­li­ma­tion over other meth­ods of tex­tile print­ing:

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● Im­ages are per­ma­nent and do not

peel or fade.

● Dye does not build up on the fab­ric. ● Colours can be ex­traor­di­nar­ily bril­liant due to the bond­ing of the dye to the trans­par­ent fi­bres of the syn­thetic fab­ric.

● Truly con­tin­u­ous tones can be achieved that are equiv­a­lent to pho­to­graphs, with­out the use spe­cial tech­niques such as half-screen print­ing.

● The im­age can be printed all over the en­tire item, with no dif­fi­culty in print­ing all the way to the edges

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