Ma­chines C4 & A5­for higher pro­duc­tiv­ity & efi­ciency

C4 which is a high speed au­to­matic over­lock ma­chine has a lot of in­ter­est­ing fea­tures. The ma­chine has an elec­tronic de­vice which pro­vides oil proof voice guide.

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Along with that C4 comes with at­trac­tive things like fac­tory re­set, Led light, auto sen­sor, voice guides, hand wheel With cool­ing fan and USB Port. The voice Guide, Voice Alarm and Broad­cast So­lu­tion makes the ma­chine easy to op­er­ate and user friendly. The big­gest that a very ad­van­tage high efi­ciency of the ma­chines can be is achieved by us­ing the ma­chine as it can at­tain 7000 r.p.m high speed which which en­hances can the reach to efi­ciency by upto 35%-100% as own­ers com­pared can to earn nor­mal more ma­chine. than Rs 22000 Fac­tory per month us­ing the ma­chine.

Only one key is re­quired to re­set and one key to take back to user set­ting of fac­tory set­ting. Some Unique Fea­tures in­clude:

• Sin­gle Shaft Drive: it en­ables sta­ble and fast re­duces ma­chine torque mak­ing the sewing fast sta­ble and

• durable. In­tel­li­gent Recog­ni­tion : The wear proof light sen­sor recog­nises dif­fer­ent light and fab­ric

• au­to­mat­i­cally For Nar­row And which Wide saves Edge: on Ma­chine time is suit­able for 6- 10mm with­out Chang­ing nee­dle gauge.

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