JACK A-5 For High Qual­ity & Fast Speed

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A-5 a fully au­to­matic ma­chine that leaves no thread tail is semi dry and efi­ciently. The can ma­chine per­form has very fac­tory re­set; re­verse level, presser foot sen­sor; auto bob­bin win­der; voice guide; hand Wheel with Cool­ing Fan and USB Port. The and can ma­chine of­fer very is made high in qual­ity Ger­man and de­sign

beau­ti­ful stitches with­out trim­ming thread tail. While the ini­tial sewing is with­out bird nest, the thread tail re­mains within 3mm after trim­ming. More­over, the stitch is locked au­to­mat­i­cally to pre­vent the thread skip­ping, which makes the stitches beau­ti­ful. Since there is no need to trim the thread tail it saves on time, labour and money.


1) Semi Dry: The thread takes up lever

2) Sealed bear­ing Oil Pan so there is no Oil and the ma­chine sur­face re­mains clean 3) and A5 has durable. sin­gle shaft de­sign as com­pared to other brands which, re­duces the mo­ment force of the ma­chine mak­ing the sewing fast 4) sta­ble Voice Guide and durable. Oil Alarm

The ma­chine alarm will au­to­mat­i­cally ring when the oil is too much or too less which avoids split­ting or stuck­ing. Re­set and voice guide func­tions are also pro­vided.

Auto Thread trim­ming auto re­verse, auto thread presser ten­sion foot are lifter equipped and elec­tronic as stan­dard. Less bird-nest de­vice , pneu­matic, and elec­tronic suc­tion de­vice are op­tional.

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