Dhi­raj Mah­taney, ap­par­e­lize, MUM­BAI

Perfect Sourcing - - Burning Issue -

There is too much con­fu­sion on GST re­funds. For ex­am­ple, if any com­pany files for a GST re­fund we are then asked for dec­la­ra­tion that no draw­back has been claimed ear­lier. As per our think­ing the GST re­fund is ex­clu­sive of draw­back which has al­ready been re­duced by 6%, but so far we have no clear pic­ture on the same. ROSL has been pend­ing for over a year. Se­condly, Bangladesh has a 10% ad­van­tage over us be­cause they en­joy duty free pref­er­ence in many coun­tries. How can gar­ment ex­porters sur­vive when all their prof­its and cap­i­tal is stuck with the gov­ern­ment? 2% of the profit is stuck be­cause the in­cen­tives do not come on time. All gar­ment ex­porters are stuck with these is­sues and do not want to pro­ceed fur­ther. Even if there are or­ders ev­ery­one is skep­ti­cal to ac­cept those with the cur­rent sit­u­a­tion. I fore­see a drop of 30% in my sales this year.

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