Splice marks can be of two kinds

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A straight splice line is marked across the marker width on the spread­ing ta­ble. This is used in cases where pat­tern pieces meet edge to edge across the fab­ric width, with no pieces stick­ing out of the straight line. For this method, the fab­ric is over­lapped, 5cm on ei­ther side of the splic­ing line.


In this splic­ing method, crossed di­ag­o­nal lines are marked on the ta­ble to keep it eas­ily dif­fer­en­ti­ated from the straight splice marks. These crossed marks in­di­cate the ends of the pat­tern pieces over­lap­ping on the marker. The start and fin­ish of the pat­tern pieces stick­ing put are marked with two splice lines, and the fab­ric is over­lapped 5cm on both sides of interlock splice mark.

Source: http://tle.we­st­one.wa.gov.au

Source: http://tle.we­st­one.wa.gov.au

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