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It has al­ways been a chal­lenge for the FMGC com­pa­nies cul­ti­vate and main­tain loy­alty among shop­pers for their brands. With so many new brands com­ing in the light, the shop­per is bound to be a flirt, in here what works is the in-store charms a brand is about to pull. For in­stance we have Oreo from the house of Cad­bury Kraft fol­low­ing it’s ‘love in­ter­est’ i.e. the shop­pers lit­er­ally. Point-of-Pur­chase delves into the de­tails of this in-store gig.

the age old trick of woo­ing shop­pers and in­duc­ing tri­als just got bet­ter. Cad­bury Kraft known for its out­stand­ing shop­per mar­ket­ing ef­forts un­der­takes yet an­other in­ter­est­ing in-store ini­tia­tive. With the core com­mu­ni­ca­tion ob­jec­tive of pro­mot­ing Oreo by the way of sam­pling and to create a sur­prise ele­ment for shop­pers com­ing in for pur­chas­ing their house­hold items, Cad­bury Kraft com­mis­sioned Hyper­space, part of the Poster­scope Group to build around this brief. Thus ow­ing to this brief Hyper­space ze­roed onto the idea of mak­ing a “larger than life” sized Oreo bis­cuit dipped in the glass full of milk in a man­ner milk splash­ing out of the glass aptly go­ing with the tag line of Oreo’s Twist-Lick-Dunk. And this beau­ti­fully de­signed dis­play was fur­ther spiked with a mov­ing fac­tor. The en­tire unit was placed on a gon­dola which moves with the help of the re­mote control op­er­ated by the Pro­moter. The size of the mov­ing unit is 3ftx3ft with a height of 5ft, made up of fi­bre, MDF, glass, acrylic & dig­i­tal print pasted. Shar­ing the creative thought process that went in this ini­tia­tive Haresh Nayak, Manag­ing Direc­tor, Poster­scope Group says, “Con­sid­er­ing the de­sign and the shape and the ob­jec­tive of the unit we de­cided the ma­te­rial should be such as to give a re­al­is­tic impact of the Oreo splash­ing out from the glass of milk which could have not have been achieved without us­ing fi­bre. For com­mu­ni­ca­tion of the prod­uct price, at­trac­tive brand­ing was done and keep­ing in mind the space in the re­tail out­let the base of the mov­ing unit was made in cir­cu­lar shape and without any sharp edges so that it does not hurt the shop­pers.” As the brief was prod­uct sam­pling and also our pre­vi­ous ex­pe­ri­ences clearly showed that the shop­pers are not too keen on man­ual sam­pling rather they are more in­ter­ested in au­to­mated stuff. Hence, vend­ing ma­chines are more ap­pre­ci­ated now­days. “The con­cept of a ro­bot sam­pling oreo comes 1st in our mind but as it was not fit for the brands so we con­vert the ro­bot to oreo glass & bis­cuits.” Haresh fur­ther adds. The tech­nol­ogy of ‘mov­ing bill­board’ is patented with Poster­scope

Haresh Nayak, Man­ag­ing Di­rec­tor, Poster­scope In­dia

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