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In­te­gra­tion of tech­nol­ogy in your in-store pro­grams will sure help you take that gi­ant leap and fos­ter en­gage­ment. Here in this space we source out some re­ally in­ter­est­ing tech­nol­ogy ap­pli­ca­tions that re­tail­ers and brands are de­ploy­ing to make the life of the shop­pers more easy and in­ter­ac­tive. Read on to know what a French Hy­per­mar­ket does for its shop­pers. Crowd­sourced App

Le­clerc, a French hy­per­mar­ket ban­ner, has long been known as the cheap­est non-dis­count hy­per­mar­ket in France. Their web­site al­lows shop­pers to com­pare the prices of nearly ev­ery prod­uct sold in their stores with the prices of the same prod­uct at their com­peti­tors. The data for the web­site is pro­vided by Le­clerc’s em­ploy­ees who reg­u­larly visit hy­per­mar­kets of ev­ery ban­ner through­out France.

Michel Edouard Le­clerc, the pop­u­lar and talk­a­tive CEO of Le­clerc, had the idea to crowd­source the data for the web­site thanks to smart­phone tech­nol­ogy. He launched an iphone app that al­lows shop­pers to scan prod­ucts while they are shop­ping at com­peti­tors stores. It al­lows them to know the price of the same prod­uct at the near­est Le­clerc hy­per­mar­ket. Then shop­pers are in­vited to tell the app if it is cheaper or more ex­pen­sive than at the store they are ac­tu­ally pur­chas­ing the prod­uct.

There are two re­ally good ideas here:

1) The shop­per can ac­knowl­edge, every­time he/she scans a prod­uct, that Le­clerc is re­ally, as it claims to be, the cheap­est re­tailer. It is strong proof of a widely ad­ver­tised prom­ise. 2) This sys­tem al­lows Le­clerc to by­pass the very re­stric­tive law on price­com­par­i­son in the me­dia in France. Le­clerc can there­fore fight against its com­peti­tors on their own terms.

Of course, all of this is nothing if Le­clerc is not ac­tu­ally the cheap­est. And, ac­cord­ing to some com­ments on the itunes store page for the app, it seems that the app does not work if the prod­uct is cheaper at a com­peti­tor’s store. More­over, it does not take pri­vate la­bel prod­ucts into ac­count, a field in which its com­peti­tor In­ter­marché is much stronger.

All in all, this new app is an­other way for the n°1 hy­per­mar­ket ban­ner in France to show how deeply they are in­volved in the coun­try’s fight for the im­prove­ment of pur­chas­ing power, a po­lit­i­cal theme that Le­clerc and for­mer out­sider, now strong In­ter­marché, made their own since the early 2000s, leav­ing their main com­peti­tors Car­refour and Auchan in a com­plex sit­u­a­tion.

Here’s a glimpse at how the app works:

Step 1 : The shop­per scans a prod­uct while shop­ping at a com­peti­tor’s store (here : Fran­prix)

Step 2 : The app gives the price of the same prod­uct at the clos­est Le­clerc store. The shop­per is then in­vited to tell the app at which re­tailer the prod­uct is the cheap­est (here Le­clerc or Fran­prix) or if the prices are the same

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