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The Mum­bai-based nu­traceu­ti­cal com­pany, which man­u­fac­tures and mar­kets 100% herbal nu­tri­tional sup­ple­ments, cold press oils, pro­tein pow­ders and herbal teas, is de­vel­op­ing and ex­pand­ing its range of or­ganic health prod­ucts and will soon in­tro­duce pro­tein bars, gra­nola mixes, and nut but­ters to cor­ner a greater share of In­dia’s fast grow­ing health and well­ness mar­ket. Tell us about your com­pany and its prod­ucts.

Pure Nutri­tion is the re­sult of a shared vi­sion be­tween Luke Coutinho, a cel­e­brated nu­tri­tion­ist and my­self. We are a Mum­baibased nu­traceu­ti­cal com­pany that takes inspiration from an­cient In­dian medicine, but uses rig­or­ous mod­ern sci­en­tific meth­ods of test­ing and trial to cre­ate a va­ri­ety of nat­u­ral foods, sup­ple­ments and herbal in­fu­sions of the high­est qual­ity. We fo­cus on in­creas­ing the bioavail­abil­ity of our prod­ucts to en­sure bet­ter ab­sorp­tion. Pure nutri­tion for­mu­lates, pro­cesses and mar­kets 100% herbal nu­tri­tional sup­ple­ments, cold press oils, pro­tein pow­ders, and herbal teas. We con­tin­u­ally de­velop and ex­pand our range of or­ganic health prod­ucts in or­der to pre­vent, re­duce and man­age dis­eases and en­hance over­all health and well­be­ing. How do you see the nu­traceu­ti­cal cat­e­gory evolv­ing and grow­ing over the years?

The In­dian nu­traceu­ti­cal in­dus­try has been grow­ing at a CAGR of 17% and we an­tic­i­pate even greater growth prospects in the near fu­ture. With our vast mar­kets open­ing up, the lat­est re­ports pre­dict a dou­bling of In­dia’s nu­traceu­ti­cal in­dus­try by 2020, to reach USD 6.1 bil­lion. I be­lieve that we will see a sig­nif­i­cant growth spurt in 2018 once the FSSAI’S planned in­tro­duc­tion of new reg­u­la­tions for nu­traceu­ti­cals takes ef­fect. The new reg­u­la­tions will es­tab­lish well-de­fined stan­dards and reg­u­la­tions, al­low­ing nu­traceu­ti­cal man­u­fac­tur­ers to man­u­fac­ture, dis­trib­ute, sell and im­port prod­ucts within a clear frame­work. This trans­parency will greatly in­crease the con­sumer’s trust in nu­traceu­ti­cal prod­ucts and help the mar­ket grow and evolve. What is the brand­ing and ad­ver­tis­ing/pro­mo­tional strat­egy for your nu­traceu­ti­cal prod­ucts?

Both Luke Coutinho and I firmly be­lieve that qual­ity prod­ucts in health re­quire min­i­mum spends on mar­ket­ing and ad­ver­tis­ing be­cause of the grow­ing need for re­li­able nu­traceu­ti­cal prod­ucts. Con­sumer trends show a pref­er­ence for in­gre­di­ent qual­ity over re­tail price, which has el­e­vated our place in the mar­ket. We fo­cus on reach­ing out to cus­tomers dig­i­tally as well as off­line to cre­ate aware­ness about the health ben­e­fits of our prod­ucts as well as our com­mit­ment to prod­uct qual­ity. We plan to get more ag­gres­sive on our out­reach ef­forts in the near fu­ture. What is the sales/ turnover/ growth rate of your prod­ucts and your fu­ture plans for ex­pan­sion.

Pure Nutri­tion had an an­nual turnover was INR 2.5 crore in the pre­vi­ous year, but we have al­ready sur­passed that amount this year

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