Oilex sees im­prove­ment in Cam­bay 77-H well

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Oilex Ltd, an oil and gas ex­plo­ration and pro­duc­tion company fo­cused on on­shore un­con­ven­tional op­por­tu­ni­ties around the In­dian Ocean Rim, has pro­vided an up­date in relation to flow­back op­er­a­tions at Cam­bay-77H well in Cam­bay Basin, Gu­jarat. As an­nounced last month, the chem­i­cal treat­ment and well in­ter­ven­tion was com­pleted and a sig­nif­i­cant im­prove­ment in re­cov­ery rates was ob­served.

Dur­ing flow­back op­er­a­tions Oilex planned to re­place the frac tree with a stan­dard pro­duc­tion tree. As part of re­mov­ing the frac tree, two re­triev­able bridge plugs (RBP) are set in the well as safety bar­ri­ers against the well flow­ing. In this in­stance, the first plug did not set and seal prop­erly and moved down­hole where it be­came stuck. Re­cov­ery op­er­a­tions were suc­cess­fully com­pleted in about 13 days.

Sub­se­quent to the op­er­a­tions and fur­ther chem­i­cal treat­ment, flow­back and clean-up recom­menced in­clud- ing re­cov­ery of frac wa­ter, oil and gas, and the well ex­hib­ited sig­nif­i­cantly im­proved per­for­mance. While the flow­ing tub­ing head pres­sure re­mains quite high com­pared to pre­vi­ous flow pe­ri­ods, ni­tro­gen lift and re­duced choke set­tings are be­ing utilised to min­imise the rein­tro­duc­tion of po­ten­tial block­ages.

From 1,130 hours Oc­to­ber 4 to Oc­to­ber 6, 2014, after a sec­ond acid treat­ment sub­se­quent to the re­cov­ery of the RBP: Av­er­age liq­uid (oil and wa­ter) re­cov­ery rate – 229 bar­rels per day; av­er­age gas rate – 0.41 mm­scfd, (ex­clud­ing ni­tro­gen); es­ti­mated 76 per cent of frac wa­ter re­cov­ered; choke size var­ied be­tween 20-22 (64ths inch); and av­er­age flow­ing tub­ing head pres­sure–857 psig.

Ef­forts are un­der­way to op­ti­mise all the op­er­a­tional pa­ram­e­ters for the well to im­prove the wa­ter re­cov­ery, in­clud­ing ceas­ing to use ni­tro­gen lift, to has­ten com­mence­ment of the pro­duc­tion test.

Ron Miller, Man­ag­ing Di­rec­tor, Oilex, said, “Oil and gas con­tinue to be pro­duced along with re­cov­ery of frac wa­ter. Oil is sold to a lo­cal re­fin­ery and the ap­pli­ca­tion process to sell Cam­bay-77H gas has com­menced. It is un­for­tu­nate that the RBP mal­func­tioned, es­pe­cially after the con­trac­tor had twice suc­cess­fully com­pleted the same op­er­a­tion on Cam­bay-77H. Set­ting aside the op­er­a­tional de­lays to re­cover the RBP and clean the well bore, Oilex is pleased with the well’s per­for­mance at a rel­a­tively small choke. Flow­back is all about re­mov­ing wa­ter put into the reser­voir dur­ing frac and coil tub­ing op­er­a­tions, as this im­pairs the hy­dro­car­bon pro­duc­tion rates. We look for­ward to the im­proved wa­ter re­cov­ery lead­ing to bet­ter oil and gas pro­duc­tion.”

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