Port traf­fic stag­nates for the se­cond month in Novem­ber

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T— Mahatma Gandhi he seaborne traf­fic at the coun­try’s 13 ma­jor ports stag­nated at year ago level for the se­cond month in Novem­ber, against 4 per cent in­crease in Septem­ber and 10 per cent in this month a year ago. Seven ports wit­nessed re­duced vol­ume dur­ing the month, whereas six oth­ers saw y-oy in­crease in freight, which in­cluded 37 per cent shoot up at Mor­mu­gao, 17 per cent at Chi­dama­ra­nar and 7 per cent each at Kolkata and Kandla. Ka­ma­ra­jar (-13.5 per cent) and Cochin (-11.2 per cent) were among the ports wit­ness­ing de­cline in busi­ness vol­ume. Among the car­goes, iron ore vol­ume de­clined 5 per cent, fer­til­izer 16 per cent and ther­mal, cok­ing coal 2223 per cent. How­ever, gen­eral in­dus­trial cargo load­ing went up 33 per cent.

Cu­mu­la­tively, to­tal cargo han­dled at the ma­jor ports in­creased 3.3 per cent dur­ing April-Novem­ber, less than 5.3 per cent in this pe­riod of 2014-15. The busi­ness vol­ume at Mor­mu­gao was up 27 per cent on strong growth in ther­mal and cok­ing coal, as also some re­vival in iron ore, which had been its main busi­ness a few years ago. The freight at Hal­dia and V.O.Chi­dambara­nar ex­panded 19 per cent due to POL, ther­mal, cok­ing coal and gen­eral in­dus­trial cargo in case of Hal­dia, and ther­mal coal, con­tain­ers and gen­eral in­dus­trial cargo at V.O.Chi­dambara­nar. To­tal cargo at New Man­ga­lore de­clined 9 per cent dur­ing April-Novem­ber due to re­duced iron ore and cok­ing coal freight. Paradip leads in ther­mal coal, fol­lowed by Ka­ma­ra­jar. Visakha­p­at­nam leads in iron ore freight. Among car­goes, Iron ore load­ing de­clined 44 per cent and raw fer­til­izer 13 per cent, whereas fin­ished fer­til­izer quan­tity shot up 22 per cent. Ther­mal coal load­ing in­creased 12 per cent dur­ing the first eight months of the on­go­ing fis­cal.

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