PEB con­trac­tors should switch to core drilling and hy­draulic punch­ing

Project Monitor - - FRONT PAGE - Ssence of PEB Projects lies in com­plet­ing it on time. Main chal­lenge faced is fab­ri­ca­tion of var­i­ous com­po­nents of steel struc­tures to make them ready to be in­stalled at site. Cut­ting the com­po­nents to size and weld prepa­ra­tion is not very time con­sum­ing

cases holes on con­nect­ing com­po­nents need to be drilled with ref­er­ence to each other to get per­fect match­ing at the time of erec­tion.

Change of Mind­set

Trans­port­ing of long and heavy steel struc­tures to & from sta­tion­ary drill ma­chines in plant re­quires large man­power, help of ma­te­rial han­dling equip-

Ob­jec­tion to Change

Whereas most fab­ri­ca­tors know about this tech­nol­ogy, there are still some who haven’t heard of it. Many of those who know have ap­pre­hen­sion on eco­nom­i­cal fea­si­bil­ity of the use of core drills. They have surely tried or heard of ex­pe­ri­ences from those who tried core drills on or­di­nary magnetic drilling ma­chines made for use with solid drills. Life of core drills when used on such ma­chines would def­i­nitely be below ex­pectancy.

Core drills have mul­ti­ple cut­ting tips and need spe­cial care in us­age so that the cut­ting load is evenly dis­trib­uted on all tips. Or­di­nary magnetic drilling ma­chines are cho­sen over spe­cially de­signed ma­chines for use of core drills only on the ba­sis of price to save ini­tial in­vest­ment. This even­tu­ally costs more as more num­ber of cut­ters are re­quired to be used. It also re­sults in fre­quent break­downs in­volv­ing reg­u­lar ex­penses and loss of work. This to­gether is the main rea-


Timely com­ple­tion is be­com­ing more and more im­por­tant and it is high time for all PEB con­trac­tors to switch over to core drilling and hy­draulic punch­ing for their drilling ap­pli­ca­tions. When se­lect­ing the ma­chines, a word of cau­tion is to use por­ta­ble magnetic drilling ma­chines from re­puted brands de­signed for the use of core drills.

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