How to (Hon­estly) Belie Your Age

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New re­search has found a sur­pris­ing mix of fac­tors that af­fect how old (or young) peo­ple think you are. Here’s a science-based quick guide to ap­pear­ing fresh-faced for­ever.

Smile wide. Young, mid­dle-aged, and older in­di­vid­u­als stud­ied thou­sands of pho­to­graphs and were asked to guess the age of the mod­els, who had dif­fer­ent facial ex­pres­sions. Neu­tral ex­pres­sions yielded the most ac­cu­rate re­sults, and fear­ful ex­pres­sions made sub­jects look older; happy faces were rated as younger than they re­ally were.

Ask a young­ster. Older peo­ple think that ev­ery­one is about a year older than his or her true age, while younger adults tend to guess that older peo­ple are younger than they ac­tu­ally are.

Quit try­ing. When older adults look like they are try­ing to pass as more youth­ful ver­sions of them­selves, younger peo­ple tend to see them as less lik­able and more de­ceit­ful, ac­cord­ing to a study from the Univer­sity of Kansas, USA.

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