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There are very few brands like Ap­ple, Ferrari or Rolex that pass the “smash your prod­uct” test to­day. Like­wise, if a To­tal En­vi­ron­ment home is smashed into pieces, you would know from the de­bris, that it’s a To­tal En­vi­ron­ment home. It is per­haps the only real estate brand in the world that can claim this. FOR the long­est time, the WORD “De­sign” in the apart­ment hous­ing space has been Re­stricted to Mean­ing “gim­mick” OR “styling” OR spend­ing a lot Of MONEY ON ex­pen­sive FA­CADES, themes, Fix­tures AND fit­tings. Per­haps, be­cause this cat­e­gory HAS AL­WAYS Been com­mer­cially Driven, the fo­cus has been ON the fa­cades AND themes, AND Never on the Ac­tual Home De­sign. ar­chi­tects shiba­nee & Ka­mal Re­al­ized that if they had to bring about a change to this sit­u­a­tion, they WOULD Need to take ON the Daunt­ing TASK of De­vel­op­ing AND con­struct­ing such Projects ON their OWN AND build a Pow­er­ful con­struc­tion AND De­vel­op­ment COM­PANY. it Was FROM this Need that to­tal en­vi­ron­ment WAS Born in 1996. De­sign and De­tail: The ap­proach to de­sign at To­tal En­vi­ron­ment has al­ways been about find­ing cre­ative so­lu­tions from the prob­lem it­self and there­fore a lot de­pends on how the prob­lem is de­fined. To­tal En­vi­ron­ment takes the “Prod­uct” ap­proach to the home de­sign, with a sharp fo­cus on the small­est de­tails, to en­sure min­i­mum prob­lems dur­ing use. Also, sim­ple clean lines and free flow­ing spa­ces en­sure a cer­tain time­less­ness of the de­sign.

garden with every home: To­tal En­vi­ron­ment in­tro­duced the idea of a ter­race garden with every sin­gle home, back in 1998. Each garden is dou­ble height – achieved ei­ther through can­tilever­ing the gar­dens in dif­fer­ent di­rec­tions on al­ter­nate floors, cre­at­ing stepped / ter­raced homes, du­plex apart­ments with dou­ble height gar­dens or through sev­eral other tech­niques. Large glass pan­els help bring na­ture into the home. Over the years, th­ese gar­dens have pro­gressed from small “hand­ker­chief” gar­dens to large gar­dens with decks and water bod­ies.

Nat­u­ral ma­te­ri­als & age­ing grace­fully: One of the nicest things about a To­tal En­vi­ron­ment home is how it ages grace­fully, turn­ing more beau­ti­ful as it grows older. The ex­posed brick ex­te­ri­ors de­velop a unique char­ac­ter and the Kota stone and mar­ble floors get bet­ter with age.

fur­nished homes: To­tal En­vi­ron­ment man­u­fac­tures fur­ni­ture that is care­fully de­signed for each space in the homes, keep­ing in mind the po­si­tion of elec­tri­cal points, the lo­ca­tion of the win­dow, the swing of the door and every other small de­tail that is so im­por­tant for com­fort and pri­vacy.

in­di­vid­ual cus­tomiza­tion through edesign: To­tal En­vi­ron­ment has cre­ated soft­ware edesign that brings “De­sign” to ev­ery­one so that it is no more re­stricted to only those who can af­ford an ar­chi­tect or in­te­rior de­signer. This soft­ware also cal­cu­lates all the dif­fer­en­tial quan­ti­ties and feeds them into To­tal En­vi­ron­ment’s SAP sys­tem for pro­cure­ment plan­ning and project man­age­ment. Through this tool, a home buyer can cus­tom­ize the wall po­si­tions, fur­ni­ture lay­out, se­lect fur­ni­ture and fit­tings and de­cide de­tails down to the spac­ing be­tween the shelves in a wardrobe.

to­tal en­vi­ron­ment Ma­chine-craft: To­tal En­vi­ron­ment Ma­chine Craft pools crafts­man­ship with tech­nol­ogy to de­liver the prod­ucts with unique com­bi­na­tion of pro­duc­tion qual­ity and a hand­crafted feel, needed to build in­di­vid­u­ally cus­tom­ized and fur­nished homes.

Prop­erty Man­age­ment: To­tal En­vi­ron­ment main­tains and sup­ports their projects for years. They are cur­rently still sup­port­ing homes that they de­liv­ered 20 years ago.

qual­ity: Each To­tal En­vi­ron­ment Home is checked across 1048 dif­fer­ent items, and any snags that are de­tected are re­solved be­fore hand­ing over the home to its own­ers.

trans­parency & ethics: To­tal En­vi­ron­ment’s abil­ity to keep things sim­ple, trans­par­ent and above board has helped build an enor­mous amount of trust with their cus­tomers. From the very be­gin­ning in 1996, long be­fore the ad­vent of RERA, To­tal En­vi­ron­ment used car­pet area as the ba­sis for cal­cu­lat­ing saleable area.

sus­tain­abil­ity: To­tal En­vi­ron­ment set up a Cen­tre of Ex­cel­lence for Sus­tain­able De­sign through which they ex­plore a sin­gle area of sus­tain­abil­ity each year – Water, En­ergy, Process, Ma­te­ri­als and so on.

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