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It was my brother who in­tro­duced me to the world of Michael Jack­son, Queen, Phil Collins and Aero­smith. In fact, I re­mem­ber the time my brother de­cided that I needed to un­der­stand what the mu­si­cians were singing. So he took one of Phil Collin’s songs ‘An­other Day In Par­adise’ and ex­plained the song to me line by line, word by word. I was only eight then but I re­al­ized that songs had a big­ger pur­pose aside from be­ing lovely melodies.

As a teenager, if I wanted to do some­thing, I would write a let­ter to my fa­ther stat­ing why it was ok for me to do some­thing or have some­thing.

I am very close to my brother and was al­ways his ‘go to per­son’ for jokes, for a cud­dle and just about any lit­tle thing. So when he got mar­ried and Silje, my sis­ter-in-law, came into the pic­ture, I was ex­tremely in­se­cure of my stand­ing in his life. Silje is from Nor­way but since the Nor­we­gian and In­dian fam­ily val­ues are quite sim­i­lar, she be­came a part of our fam­ily in­stantly. And we be­came such thick friends that to­day we can talk about any­thing un­der the sun.

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