And I refuse to be ashamed of my past.

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Yes, of course, I’ve faced a lot of flak, in­sults and dis­parag­ing com­ments. And my par­ents weren’t at all happy. Ab­so­lutely not! Which par­ent would be? Yes, it did hurt more so when peo­ple were ex­cep­tion­ally mean, but be­ing in that in­dus­try was my choice. I wasn’t forced or co­erced into it. It was some­thing that just hap­pened. But it was also some­thing that peo­ple frowned on. My par­ents too were shocked and re­ally hurt by my choice.

Un­for­tu­nately, I lost my mum and then my fa­ther a few years ago. Bol­ly­wood hap­pened af­ter they died … Per­haps if they had seen me in this space to­day, they would have been hap­pier and proud of me.


But if I hadn’t started out in that busi­ness (adult film) and faced things, per­haps I wouldn’t be

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