But if I hadn’t started out in that busi­ness (adult film) and faced things, per­haps I wouldn’t be sit­ting and talk­ing to ‘SAVVY’ to­day!

Savvy - - Believe I -

thing hap­pens in ar­gu­ments – some­times, you say things that are so nasty be­cause you are an­gry, but you can’t take those words back. They will al­ways hurt. So you have to re­spect each other. And, of course, the best recipe for a great marriage is mar­ry­ing your best friend. I know I did! We ar­gue. We fight. We laugh. We have fun! And we are to­gether all the time. We want chil­dren, maybe not now, but some­day def­i­nitely.


Daniel is re­ally busi­ness savvy and smart. He en­sures that I take on the right projects. He is ex­tremely straight­for­ward and very pro­fes­sional in the way he han­dles the busi­ness. Yes, I think he is re­spon­si­ble for pro­ject­ing me right and per­haps that’s

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