Shape up with Nawaz Modi Sing­ha­nia

Fit­ness ex­pert Nawaz Modi Sing­ha­nia’s top 10 tips to be­ing healthy, happy and al­ways rar­ing to go!

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Happy girls are the pret­ti­est girls - and also the health­i­est and fittest. Keep your­self happy and en­sure that you glow in­side out! Eat ev­ery­thing you want! Biryani, dosas, pav bhaji, dhansak, desserts, ev­ery­thing! Just cook it with healthy in­gre­di­ents, re­plac­ing the un­healthy, fat­ten­ing ones. My web­site www.bod­ has all the in­for­ma­tion that you need. Eat mini meals fre­quently through the day. Re­mem­ber that your three square meals will only make you round! Sip your soup. Stud­ies have shown that a bowl of soup be­fore a meal will cur­tail your ap­petite as it is fill­ing and takes a rel­a­tively long time to eat. As the brain takes about 20 min­utes to re­al­ize that the body is full, soup sip­ping is par­tic­u­larly use­ful in quan­tity con­trol. Dump con­ve­nience food from your diet. As a thumb rule, non-fresh food usu­ally con­tains added chem­i­cals, a high amount of sodium and fat. This is ex­actly what adds to their shelf life! They don’t, how­ever, do your body any good. Keep healthy snacks close at hand. Destiny shapes our end, but caloric in­take is what shapes our mid­dles! Keep food like fruits, veg­eta­bles, sand­wiches made of whole wheat bread and no but­ter close at hand. When hunger pangs at­tack, you’ll want to grab the first avail­able ed­i­ble item. Make sure it’s low on fat and calo­ries, while be­ing nu­tri­tion­ally rich. Get into the habit of read­ing food la­bels. If there are some in­gre­di­ents you can’t pro­nounce, leave alone iden­tify, then the chances are high that this meal is loaded with chem­i­cals. Avoid it. Eat smart on the job! Overeat­ing is not the way up the cor­po­rate lad­der! Eat sim­ple, sen­si­ble food. It’ll keep you from feel­ing sleepy, lazy and slug­gish all day. Keep your mind on the busi­ness at hand. Stay fo­cussed. Think thin! It is as sim­ple as mind over mat­ter. Carry your­self, walk and think like a thin per­son. It works won­ders.

The mon­soons washed away your ex­er­cise pro­gramme? In­stead of mak­ing ex­cuses, nd your­self an in­door ac­tiv­ity. Rid­ing a sta­tion­ary cy­cle, danc­ing, an aer­o­bics class, rope jump­ing or stair climb­ing are just some of the many ac­tiv­i­ties you can en­gage in. When you lose all your ex­cuses, you’ll nd all your re­sults!

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