Heat up your man!

Salome Mit­ter on how to stop be­ing treated like yes­ter­day’s left­overs, and leave him steam­ing!

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Al­ways clothed for ac­tion in your homely, faded nightie? Just lie there look­ing at the ceil­ing, think­ing about the mount­ing items on your ‘To Do’ list? And then fret and fume that you feel like a frump and he’s be­gun treat­ing you like yes­ter­day’s cold dal? De­sist, my dearies! Wake up from that com­fort­able stu­por ev­ery once in a while. Knock his socks off. And your own too – there’s noth­ing bet­ter than sur­pris­ing your­self! Here are a few sug­ges­tions as you shake up the scene…

Ne­glect a plant, it withers. Put sex back on the front-burner. At least once a week! Note it down, if you must, amidst your list of ‘Very Im­por­tant Things To Do’. Set a re­minder on your phone. Just the thought of it, will un­know­ingly get you into the mood in ad­vance. Start the fore­play with your man way be­fore you’ll reach the bed­room. Sext, leave hints, kiss him bye in the morn­ing with a li’l tongue thrown in. That should get his eyes pop­ping! Throw on a red, slinky night­gown

when you are home and carry on the mag­i­cal fore­play. A touch where he least ex­pects it, a lick that drives him crazy be­cause it’s on his in­ner thigh, his stom­ach, his neck… ev­ery sen­si­tive spot but where he’s dy­ing to have it!

How about in­flam­ing him once in a while by be­ing less sweet and ten­der, and more bad and bold? Talk dirrrty. Well, at least talk hot to start off with. Com­pli­ment him; go for specifics when you can. Share your las­civ­i­ous thoughts. Watch his eyes widen and his breath come quicker, as you drop that ‘I’m a good girl’ de­meanour and show him just how bad you can get. Guar­an­teed turn-on stuff, this; for the both of you.

Let him see your com­fort with your own body. Let your fin­gers trail along your plea­sure spots, whether your ear­lobes, or the backs of your knees. Watch­ing you able to plea­sure your­self can be a huge turn-on for him, and he will soon want to join in the game.

Re­mem­ber the times early on in the re­la­tion­ship, when the urge was so strong, you lit­er­ally jumped on each other when you laid eyes on each other? Shock him one fine evening after work by pulling off the same ‘I gotta have you now!’ move. His jaw will drop in shock to be re­placed by a look of pure glee.

Ditch your nor­mal po­lite per­sona. Timid sug­ges­tions are bor­ing. Throw on a cloak of con­fi­dence and tell him in no un­cer­tain terms what you want. A woman who knows what she de­sires and is not afraid to take con­trol, can be hugely sexy for her man. It will be em­pow­er­ing for your own sex­u­al­ity too. And the big­gest bonus: A hap­pily sat­is­fied you!

Show him oc­ca­sion­ally that porn needn’t be a furtive ac­tiv­ity that he has to in­dulge in sneak­ily. Go ahead and sug­gest you watch a cou­ple of scenes to­gether and then take his breath away as you copy a few of those raunchy moves. You tak­ing con­trol can be ex­tremely erotic for him.

Reach out and touch him, smooch hard, let him know you have de­sires just like he does.

Once in a while, ditch the nor­mal rou­tine that you and your man un­know­ingly slip into. Just mix things up a lit­tle. Pull off a strip­tease if you feel up to it. Or give him a lap-dance. You can add fur­ther in­ter­est by mak­ing it a ‘hands off’ thing – he can look but not touch. Guar­an­teed to drive him bonkers!

Show him your needs; it doesn’t al­ways have to be about him mak­ing the first move. Reach out and touch him, smooch hard, let him know you have de­sires just like he does. Amp things up by adding a lit­tle rough play. Let him know that he does not have to treat you like a del­i­cate doll; a bit of wild pas­sion never hurt any­one. A scratch here, a nip there, and the tem­per­a­ture will soar!

Fan­tasy lists can be an ex­cit­ing way to share with each other your deeper de­sires. Some­times it is eas­ier to jot down stuff we would like, but are un­able to speak about with­out em­bar­rass­ment. Make it a fun lit­tle ex­er­cise. Sit down and cre­ate your sep­a­rate lists of fan­tasies, things you re­ally wish your part­ner would do for you. Then swap lists and take it from there. Some of the stuff might be out of your com­fort zone al­to­gether and those you can safely skip. Some items on the wish lists, though, will be ab­so­lutely doable and hugely sexy too.

…And, be­fore you know it, the ‘cold dal’ per­cep­tion has been re­placed by ‘fiery siz­zler’!

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