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Smarten up your work­out regime

Are you a hap­less vic­tim of your phys­i­cal state? Have you been huff­ing and puff­ing away end­lessly on that old sta­tion­ary cy­cle for­ever with lit­tle or no re­sult? Have you been starv­ing your­self to the point of dizzy spells and in­tense weak­ness to note no fat loss?

When em­bark­ing on a fit­ness pro­gramme, we of­ten go over­board and make choices which end up be­ing coun­ter­pro­duc­tive. It’s time to ex­cer­cise smarter for bet­ter re­sults.


If your main goal is fat and inch loss, ex­er­cise car­dio­vas­cu­larly for at least 35-40 min­utes. Walk­ing, aer­o­bics, swim­ming, jog­ging, rope jump­ing, stair climb­ing, hik­ing or even a racket game are all con­sid­ered car­dio­vas­cu­lar. Re­mem­ber the body does not use fat for fuel dur­ing the first 20 min­utes of your work­out. It’s only there­after, that fats are uti­lized. Make sure your work­out is con­tin­u­ous. If you get tired, slow down to an on-the-spot march, but don’t stop. When you stop and start, firstly, the body doesn’t con­tinue burn­ing fat. Se­condly, this can eas­ily lead to in­juries such as a pulled mus­cle, Achilles ten­dini­tis or a knee in­jury. Work out at a mod­er­ate level of in­ten­sity. If your in­ten­sity is too low, you’re not burn­ing fat. The same ap­plies if you’re work­ing out too hard. One of the most com­mon er­rors peo­ple make is that when they have a prob­lem area such as the stom­ach or hips and thighs, they tend to spot work it to death! Bad mis­take. When you work a par­tic­u­lar area, you can work on mus­cle tone and even re­shap­ing the group, but you can­not re­duce the sur­face area of it. The area tends to bulk up and makes it ap­pear larger and more ap­par­ent. In­stead, com­bine with

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