Blos­som Kochhar tells Riya Pandya what our nails re­veal about our health.

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Your nails in­di­cate your health

While nails

can be a good plat­form to sport your cre­ativ­ity, ne­glect­ing them can have se­ri­ous reper­cus­sions.

“Long nails can har­bour dirt and bac­te­ria which may cause in­fec­tions across fin­gers and toes. There­fore, it is im­por­tant to take proper care of nails as they pro­tect our toes and fin­gers from var­i­ous dis­eases,” says beauty ex­pert and der­ma­tol­o­gist Dr Blos­som Kochhar.

While some in­fec­tions can be cured eas­ily, oth­ers may be more se­ri­ous and can even serve as warn­ings of fa­tal con­di­tions.

Com­mon Nail Symp­toms YEL­LOW NAILS

Yel­low nails are caused by fun­gal in­fec­tions. Th­ese are of­ten painful as the nail beds re­tract and the nails start to crum­ble. Ad­di­tion­ally, yel­low nails could in­di­cate more se­vere con­di­tions like di­a­betes, lung disease and thy­roid. Smok­ing and ex­ces­sive use of acrylic nail pol­ishes can lead to the yel­low­ing of fin­ger­nails as well.


De­fi­ciency of Vi­ta­min C, iron or pro­tein may lead to the split­ting of nails. Cracked nails can also in­di­cate po­ten­tial kid­ney prob­lems and hy­per­thy­roidism.


Bit­ing your nails is a sign of per­sis­tent anx­i­ety and ner­vous­ness. As it car­ries germs from the nails to the mouth, bit­ing nails can cause bac­te­rial and vi­ral in­fec­tions.


Dark dis­coloura­tion oc­curs mainly due to an ab­nor­mal­ity re­ferred to as melanony­chia, which may some­times af­fect the en­tire nail or cause spot­ting on the nail. But if your nails have turned dark and rot­ten and are ag­o­niz­ingly painful, they re­quire im­me­di­ate at­ten­tion from a doc­tor as the dis­coloura­tion may be be­cause of melanoma, the dead­li­est form of skin can­cer.


A de­crease in blood sup­ply to the nails could cause them to turn white, a con­di­tion re­ferred to as Terry’s nails. Fur­ther­more, white nails could be a sign of mal­nu­tri­tion.


Ridged and rip­pled nails can be a re­sult of hand and feet in­juries. It is com­mon for one to de­velop ver­ti­cal ridges on one’s fin­ger­nails in one’s old age.

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