Con­tro­ver­sial TV ac­tress Bobby Dar­ling aka Pakhi Sharma talks to Rid­dhi Vyas about her mar­i­tal mess.

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Bobby Dar­ling’s mar­i­tal abuse al­le­ga­tions

Con­tro­versy’s favourite diva Bobby Dar­ling needs no in­tro­duc­tion. She shot to fame with TV gigs like ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’, ‘Sa­sural Si­mar Ka’, ‘Bigg Boss’ and has even had her mo­ment on the sil­ver screen via films like ‘Taal’, ‘Style’, ‘Apna Sapna Money Money’ amongst oth­ers. Con­tro­versy was al­ways close at hand while she was in the lime­light, and not far off loomed the big ques­tion of whether it was all just a pub­lic­ity stunt. What­ever the an­swer, Bobby left it all be­hind when she tied the knot with long-time boyfriend Ram­nik Sharma. But re­cently, the me­dia is rife with re­ports that all is not well and that Bobby has been a vic­tim of do­mes­tic vi­o­lence and other atroc­i­ties.

Bobby’s story, in her own words…


“I met Ram­nik Sharma via Face­book in 2015.

He used to woo me say­ing that he has been in love with me ever since he saw me on tele­vi­sion. Ini­tially, we be­came good friends but later on our friend­ship turned into some­thing else. We dated each other, and then Ram­nik de­cided to go against his fam­ily and marry me know­ing every­thing about my past and my gen­der tran­si­tion.”


“Every­thing was fine for a while but af­ter we got mar­ried, Ram­nik’s be­hav­iour com­pletely changed. He de­manded I take him on in­ter­na­tional tours, to five-star restau­rants and pose smil­ingly for pho­tos and videos even though I didn’t want to do that.

“He had a keen in­ter­est in my money, prop­erty and other as­sets. He al­ways told me, ‘What­ever is yours, is all mine as I am your hus­band’. He also de­manded heavy dowry from my fam­ily, which I felt was very weird too. He pur­chased a SUV car with my money and forced me to give him co-own­er­ship rights to my Mum­bai flat and the same for my Bhopal pent­house prop­erty. He also wanted me to add his name to my will.”


“Some­times, he would come home drunk and start yelling, fight­ing and beat­ing me. He would use his belt on me, kick me and hit me on my chest, legs and the rest of my body. I have still not re­cov­ered from it, am limp­ing and un­able to walk prop­erly too. I used to cry like a baby and beg him to stop hit­ting me. I started los­ing weight and have had trau­matic par­a­lytic at­tacks.

“Ram­nik would also fight with the se­cu­rity guards when he was drunk, but at the same time he used to pay them money to spy on me as he thought

“This case is unique and chal­leng­ing, in the sense that it is the first time in In­dian his­tory that a mem­ber from the LGBT com­mu­nity has knocked the doors of the le­gal sys­tem as a woman af­ter chang­ing her gen­der. The LGBT com­mu­nity is very vul­ner­a­ble in In­dia. We need to see how the le­gal sys­tem will help and pro­tect Bobby.”

– Meera Kaura Pa­tel, Bobby’s ad­vo­cate

I was cheat­ing on him. He used to lock me up in the Bhopal flat and go off to do his work. I was hardly let out of the flat which put me into de­pres­sion. He even han­dled my cell phone and kept an eye on who I was com­mu­ni­cat­ing with, and blocked my ex­tended ma­ter­nal fam­ily, so that I did not com­mu­ni­cate with them and tell them all that I was go­ing through.

“His friends would be drunk and would mis­be­have, due to which I felt he was in bad com­pany. I also felt that may be one day his friends would kill him and bru­tally rape me. I spoke to him about my feel­ings and my fears, but he paid no heed.

“He forced me to have un­nat­u­ral sex against my will.” — Bobby Dar­ling

“We are in the ini­tial stage of our in­ves­ti­ga­tion. Right now, we have called Bobby Dar­ling aka Pakhi Sharma for a med­i­cal check-up. Af­ter do­ing that, we can reach a con­clu­sion and know for cer­tain if she re­ally is a vic­tim.”

– CSP Bhupin­der, Habib­ganj Po­lice Sta­tion, Bhopal Po­lice Depart­ment

“He forced me to have un­nat­u­ral sex against my will. My in-laws de­manded that I have a child but that was not pos­si­ble be­cause of my gen­der tran­si­tion. I was con­tin­u­ously taunted for this. I then sug­gested di­vorce by mu­tual con­sent. But they did not go along with it.”


“Fi­nally, I re­ally felt that my fam­ily and I were in dan­ger, as Ram­nik threat­ened to kill me. And there­fore to safe­guard my fam­ily and my­self, I filed a case with the Delhi po­lice against Ram­nik Sharma, his mother and brother un­der Cheat­ing (Sec­tion 420), Breach of Trust (406), Mat­ri­mo­nial Cru­elty (498 A), Un­nat­u­ral Sex (377) and Sec­tion 4 Dowry Pro­hi­bi­tion Act.

“Af­ter suf­fer­ing all this tor­ture, I would rather call my­self a widow than be called Mrs Bobby aka Pakhi Ram­nik Sharma. I pray to God and re­quest the Gov­ern­ment of In­dia to pun­ish him rig­or­ously and re­turn all my prop­erty to me.”


“First of all, the al­le­ga­tions that Bobby has put on me, my mother and brother, are to­tally base­less. We have never beaten her or done any­thing cruel to her. More­over, she is not a ‘Sati Sav­itri’ who would sit qui­etly and tol­er­ate tor­ture and do­mes­tic vi­o­lence. In fact, she has raised her hand on my maids and se­cu­rity guards.

“She is not at all a re­spon­si­ble per­son and is af­ter my money as she is to­tally bank­rupt and does not have any work in hand. I haven’t even seen the Mum­bai house as we were mar­ried in a small tem­ple in Bhopal in a very low pro­file way. She claims she was forced to have un­nat­u­ral sex and my friends would rape her, but I say what is so at­trac­tive about her that some­body would rape her?

“She claims I have cir­cu­lated an ob­scene video of her and made it vi­ral. If that is true, please show me the video. She claims that my fam­ily forced her to bear a child, whereas she and I both know that a trans­gen­der per­son can­not con­ceive. The mat­ter of my fam­ily forc­ing her doesn’t arise. Ac­tu­ally, I sug­gested adop­tion or IVF treat­ment, but she be­came very in­se­cure. She felt that with a kid in the pic­ture, she would not have any au­thor­ity on my prop­erty.

“If she was re­ally tor­tured, why is she not com­ing to the Bhopal po­lice for a med­i­cal ex­am­i­na­tion? She claimed I de­manded dowry from her par­ents and brother, whereas I know her fa­ther is 80 years old and bedrid­den. She does not have a mother and her brother has cut off his re­la­tion­ship with her many years ago, so who can I ask for dowry?

“She also claimed that I asked her to forcibly smile for pho­tos and videos, but she was ac­tu­ally very happy. She at­tended many wed­dings from my side, cel­e­brated her birth­day and karwa chauth hap­pily. She is mak­ing base­less claims. I think she is do­ing all this just to come in the lime­light and gain pub­lic­ity.”

Snap­shots of Bobby’s cor­re­spon­dence to var­i­ous au­thor­i­ties re­gard­ing the is­sue

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