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My boss makes the en­tire team slave away and shows no ap­pre­ci­a­tion for the work done. I want to take a stand against this but my col­leagues refuse to sup­port me. I know what I’m do­ing is right, how do I get my col­leagues to sup­port me?

Bhar­gav Bha­tia, Mum­bai

Bhar­gav, go­ing against your boss will re­flect badly on your job. You may not be happy work­ing there, but your boss will surely not ap­prove of your re­volt at­ti­tude. He can ei­ther fire you or make things worse. Your col­leagues seem to be in need of their jobs and don’t want to face un­favourable con­se­quences, that’s why they are not join­ing you. I would rec­om­mend think­ing things through care­fully and then de­cid­ing on the next step.

My col­league doesn’t miss an op­por­tu­nity to pass com­ments or make jokes about me. I have taken this mat­ter up with my team sev­eral times, but no one has done any­thing to stop it. How do I tackle this sit­u­a­tion? Dimpi Modi, Ahmed­abad Dimpi, your col­league has no busi­ness to bother you. If your team is not help­ing you out, I sug­gest you take this mat­ter straight to your boss.

My sis­ter-in-law is a pain. Ev­ery time I get a gift, ei­ther from my hus­band or even my par­ents, she in­sists on us­ing it first and then pass­ing it on to me. It may not seem like a big prob­lem but it is not an oc­ca­sional thing. I don’t know whether I should tell my hus­band about this or con­front her di­rectly. What would you ad­vise? Gopi Bhalla, Am­rit­sar

What your sis­ter-in-law is do­ing is not nice at all. Be frank with her and ex­plain that nei­ther your hus­band nor your par­ents would be happy if they knew about it. Of­fer to share things with her later. If she still doesn’t get it, tell your hus­band what’s go­ing on.

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