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BABA ALERT! That the fraud baba Gurmeet Singh ran an em­pire of de­ceit where devo­tees were raped, mur­dered and strangely even cas­trated for 20 long years is be­yond shock­ing! It's time peo­ple re­al­ized that babas are also hu­man, with their flaws and warts. Hence, AL­WAYS keep an open, ra­tio­nal and ques­tion­ing mind.

Roshni Datta, Ahmed­abad STAND WITH GAURI Feisty jour­nal­ist Gauri Lankesh's mur­der must be con­demned in the strong­est pos­si­ble terms. It's a mes­sage to In­di­ans that the price of dis­sent is death. Our Con­sti­tu­tional right to free­dom of speech has been threat­ened. As an In­dian, I de­mand that the killers are tracked down and pun­ished promptly!

Cather­ine Lobo, Pondicherry

SI­LENCE PLEASE! In a clear case of twist­ing the law to suit them­selves, politi­cians who run pan­dals craftily took the stand that all the 1,537 si­lence zones in Mum­bai no longer ex­ist just be­fore the Ganesh fes­ti­val. Thank­fully, the HC stepped in and slammed them. We must save the silent zones in this noisy city from our self­ish, eggheaded ‘lead­ers'.

Kavita Mehra, Mum­bai


North Korea re­cently tested a hy­dro­gen bomb, 10 times the in­ten­sity of the atomic bomb dropped at Hiroshima, send­ing tremors to world peace. With Pres­i­dent Trump ask­ing Kim Jong II to ‘be­have' and the ma­tu­rity of both lead­ers be­ing ques­tion­able, one sin­cerely prays that the scary sit­u­a­tion is con­tained.

Shivani Kashyap, New Delhi

WHAT GOD WANTS! Ev­ery year Mum­bai prays to Lord Gane­sha with fer­vour. But once the vis­ar­jan is done, the same peo­ple who prayed with de­vo­tion wash their hands off their once revered mur­tis as they lie undis­solved on beaches and in lakes. Peo­ple must re­alise that God will never be pleased with us for spoil­ing the world. Only ecofriendly idols should be per­mit­ted in the com­ing years.

Neha Kar­markar, Mum­bai

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